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4th Quarter 2016 Top Ten VFX/Animation Chart

Top Ten Visual Effects Chart
  • Friday, Dec. 16, 2016
4th Quarter 2016 Top Ten VFX/Animation Chart

See the best this quarter has to offer in terms of VFX and animation, the first two entries having a definite animal bent--one imparting a Xmas story for Waitrose based on a robin's arduous migration, and the other for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival poignantly depicting the plight of various wild kingdom creatures suffering abuse at the hands of people. Another entry takes us to the famed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade where a giant Santa balloon forms a friendship with a lad that endures over many decades. An Arconic short takes us to the contemporary world of The Jetsons while a stop motion piece takes us to a sofa factory this holiday season. There's even a UNICEF PSA which through tattoos shows us the indelible mark made by domestic abuse.

Top Spot of the Week: Director Sam Brown, The Mill Team On Robin’s Migration For Waitrose, adam&eveDDB

Client Waitrose Agency adam&eveDDB, London Ben Priest, chief creative officer; Ben Tollett, Richard Brim, executive creative directors; John Long, copywriter; Matt Gay, art director; Jack Bayley, producer; Alex Fairman, head of design; Paul Reddington, Marek Charytonowicz, Andrew Murray, designers; Jenny Smart, digital producer; Doom Boyd. Production Rogue Films Sam Brown, director; James Howland, producer; Charlie Crompton, exec producer. Editorial Trim Paul Hardcastle, editor; Edward Hanbury, assistant editor. VFX & Design The Mill London Alex Fitzgerald, exec producer; Tom Manton, producer; Jonathan Westley, creative director; Hitesh Patel, shoot supervisor; Jorge Montiel, head of animation; Adam Droy, lead 3D artist; Andreas Graichen, Hugo Jackson, James Muholland, Adrian Meyer, Amaan Akram, Andrew Bartholomew, Ashley Tilley, Aziz Kocanaogullari, Finlay Crowther, Luca Cantani, Margaux Huneau, Matthew Kavanagh, Michael O’Donoghue, Nick Smalley, Will Burdett, Alain Thay, Jasmine Ghoreishi, Alberto Lara, Philip Maddock, Matt Evans, Paul Donnellan, Sergio Xisto, Sebastian Braende, Antonio Fillippin, Kieran Ashley Russel, Ian Potsos, 3D artists; Jonathan Westley, Gary Driver, 2D lead artists; Milo Paterson, Nina Mosand, Grant Connor, 2D artists; Adam Maynard, James Pratt, David Toba, online; Craig Davies, R&D; Aurelien Ronceray, Cameron Johnson, design; Jimmy Kiddell, concept. Seamus O’Kane, colorist. (Toolbox: Houdini, Flame, Nuke, Maya). Color The Mill Seamus O’Kane, colorist. Music Supervision Leland Music Abi Leland, Ed Bailie, music supervisors; Johann Johannsson, composer. Sound Design & Mix Factory Jon Clarke, Anthony Moore; Ryan Smith, producer. Digital Production Company Banner Boys

The Best Work You May Never See: DDB NY Conjures Up "Dream" For Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Client Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) Agency DDB New York Icaro Doria, chief creative officer; Thiago Carvalho, creative director; Bruno Oppido, head of art/creative director; Guilherme Racz, associate creative director/art director; Lucas Casao, associate creative director/copywriter; Ed Zazzera, head of production; Amanda Van Caneghem, sr. producer; Linda Bres, music/talent manager. Animation Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil Natalia Gouvea, EP; Paulo Garcia, EP/story supervisor/prodn designer; Bruno Monteiro, supervising animator; Guilherme Oller, story supervisor; Saul Fonseca, Thiago Hoisel, lead concept & storyboarding; Mauricio Sampaio, Steferson Rocha, lead modeling team; Gustavo Soares, Guzz Soares, Marcel Fukuwara, Otavio Liborio, modeling team; Alex Angelis, Bruno Carias, Dreek Henriques, Diego de Paula, Jonathan Edward, Jorge Zagatto, Mallo Ryker, Marcelo Zanin, Michel Denis, Paulo Lombardi, Rafael Polanczyk, Raphael Sousa, animation; Heber Conde, effects lead; Claudio Jr., Gabriel D’orazio, Mauricio Alvarenga, Paulo Sampaio, Yohannda Geb, shading, lighting & rendering; Amanda Andrade, Arhur Mask, Paulo Tornio, Thiago Almeida, Walfrido Monteiro, concept art & storyboarding. Directed by Zombie Studio. (Toolbox: Maya, 3D Max, Photoshop, Corona, ZBrush, Phoenix, V-Ray, Deadline). Music “I Dreamed A Dream” by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Jean-Marc Natel and Herbert Kretzmer. Music & Sound Mophonics, Culver City, Calif. Roberto Murguia, music arranger/performer; Casey Gibson, additional production/mixing; Jeffrey J. Byron, sound designer; Stephan Altman, creative director; Amanda Fink, sr. producer; Kristoffer Roggemann, creative producer. Audio Post Mophonics, Culver City, Calif. Michael Haziza, mixer; Casey Gibson, additional production/mixing.

Top Spot of the Week: Noam Murro Directs Macy's "Old Friends" For BBH NY

Client Macy’s Agency BBH New York John Patroulis, creative chairman; Ari Weiss, chief creative officer; Hemant Anant Jain, creative director/copywriter; Shannon McGlothin, creative director; Kate Morrison, head of content production; Abbie Noon, executive content producer; Sarah Watson, global chief strategy officer;  Samantha Cescau, group strategy director. Production Biscuit Filmworks Noam Murro, director; Simon Duggan, DP; Shawn Lacy, Rick Jarjoura, exec producers; Charlotte Woodhead, producer. Postproduction Work Editorial Stewart Reeves, editor; Adam Witten, editor assistant; Erica Thompson, exec producer; Sari Resnick, producer. Music Woodwork Music, Salford, UK Philip Kay, composer; Andy Oskwarek, music producer. Sound Design Henry Boy, Brooklyn, NY Bill Chesley, sound designer, Kate Gibson, producer. Audio Post Sound Lounge, NY Tom Jucarone, engineer. VFX MPC NY Justin Brukman, managing director; Camila De Biaggi, exec producer; Brendan Kahn, sr. producer; Ashley Bernes, VFX supervisor; Amanda Amalfi, lead Flame artist; Andrew Cohen, lead CG artist; Mark Gethin, colorist (MPC LA); Meghan Lang, EP, color; Rebecca Boorsma, color producer; Tobey Lindback, Elijah Lamond, Karen Weiss, Leslie Chung, Jeric Pimentel, 2D compositors; Butch Belair, Mike Lombardo, Chris Ribar, Graeme Revell, Angela Carafas, Jacob Fradkin, Sue Jang, Laura Sayan, Monica Manalo, Madeline Jackson, Liz Martin, Michael Nieves, Andres Weber, David Kin, 3D artists; Trevor Williams, Jhowee Chiang, additional design support. (Toolbox: Flame, Nuke X--including the Nuke Particle System, Mocha, Maya, Houdini, Zbrush, Substance Painter)

Top Spot of the Week: BETC Paris Takes Us To CANAL's "Kitchen"

Client CANAL Agency BETC Paris Stephane Xiberras, executive creative director; Jean-Christophe Royer, Eric Astorgue, creative directors; Guillaume Martin, strategic planner; Christophe Caurret, music creative director; Isabelle Menard, TV producer. Production Partizan  Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, director; Damien Morisot, DP. VFX Unit Image, Paris (Toolbox: 3dsmax, Vray, Nuke, After Effect, Houdini, Zbrush, Golem) Postproduction Royal Post. Sound Production Schmooze

Justin Lin Directs Arconic's "The World of 'The Jetsons,' Reimagined" For The&Partnership

Client Arconic Agency The&Partnership Wil Boudreau, chief creative officer; Dan Beckett, head of art; Ceara Teixeira, Erica Simon, designers; Sam Mazur, writer; Andrew Wilcox, art director; Katherine Lee, planner; Kevin Wilson, executive producer; Shami LaCourt, producer. Production Bullitt Justin Lin, director; Luke Ricci, exec producer; Geoff McLean, producer; Kathrin Curle, production manager; Nigel Bluck, DP. VFX/Post Framestore, Los Angeles James Razzall, EP; Aron Hjartarson, creative director; Rachel Mariscal Creasey, sr. VFX producer; James Healy, art director; Morenike Dosu, line producer; Rich Shallcross, CG supervisor; JD Yepes, compositing supervisor. Dirk Valk, Todd Herman, CG layout; Evan Harbuck, Jessie Wang, CG animation; Sean Dollins, DG camera, tracking; Alessandro Pepe, Michelle Lee, CG FX; Arsen Arzumanyan, Carlos Fueyo, Yayu Chen, You Tengara, CG generalists; Danka Chiang, John Cook, CG ltg; Marco Amador, Hannah Josepher, Jessica Ramirez, Aamir Karim, CG modeling; Rob Garcia, Keridan Elliott, CG rigging; Scott Robertson, sr. concept design; Matt Tkocz, concept design; Vanessa Cheung, sr. matte painting; Marco Iozzi, Steven Messing, Franz Steiner, Matt Conway, matte painting; Anthony Gibbs, design lead; David Quiray, Mark Feldman designers; Euna Kho, compositing lead; Alex Unruh, Ian Northrop, Joshua Guillaume, Kingsley Rothwell, Timothy Gutierrez, compositors; Peter Timberlake, Victoria Herberts, paint/roto; Julian Ford, Flame. Jake Keller, Humberto Reynaga, VFX editors. Beau Leon, colorist. Andrew McLintock, color producer. (Toolbox: Maya, Arnold, Z-Brush, Houdini, Nuke, 3D Equalizer, Heiro, Mari, Flame) Editorial Final Cut Crispin Struthers, editor; Zoe Schack, assistant editor; Eric McCasline, Suzy Ramirez, exec producer; Yole Barrera, producer. 

Top Spot of the Week: Neill Blomkamp Directs BMW Film "The Escape"

Client BMW Agency Geisel Productions Bruce Bildsten, David Carter, creative directors/writers; Bran DiLorenzo, executive producer; Adam Davis, sr. integrated producer; Patrick O’Brien, producer. Production Anonymous Content Neill Blomkamp, director; Eric Stern, managing director/exec producer; SueEllen Clair, exec producer; Kerry Haynie, head of production; Aristides McGarry, producer; Guy Norris, action supervisor/2nd unit director; Manoel Ferreira, DP; Gerald Sullivan, production designer; Sara D’Alessio, production manager; Jennifer Duffy, production coordinator. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Angus Wall, supervising editor; Austyn Daines, Julian Clark, Devin Maurer, editors; Martin Hsieh, cutting assistant; Helena Lee, Jennifer Sofio Hall, exec producers; Dina Ciccotello, producer. Music Kristopher Pooley Finishing/VFX  a52, Santa Monica, Calif. Patrick Murphy, lead Flame artist; Urs Furrer, Richard Hirst, Michael Plescia, Michael Vagilenty, Adam Flynn, Enid Dalkoff, Cam Combs, Flame artists, Flame artists; Heather Johann, producer; Kim Christensen, head of prodn; Patrick Nugent, EP.
(Toolbox: Flame, After Effects) The Embassy VFX, Vancouver, B.C. David Casey, head of commercial prodn; Michael Blackbourn, VFX supervisor; Winston Helgason, EP; Danielle Kinsey, VFX producer; Annie-Claude Lapierre, VFX project mgr; Paul Copeland, asset lead; Karinga Wells, animation rigging; David Pekarek, CG generalist; Dmitri Bajanov, Gueschem Degni, Himanshu Joshi, Simon van de Legemaat, Yonathan Ponce de Leon, Kelsey Ayukawa, Marc-Andre Gray, Nikolai Michaleski, compositors. Main titles Elastic, Santa Monica, Calif.
Angus Wall, creative dir; Charles Khoury, art director; Pete Sickbert-Bennet, designer; Dan Meehan, Charles Khoyury, Earl Burnley, animators/compositors; Heather Johann, producer; Kim Christensen, head of prodn; Jennifer Sofio Hall, managing dir.. Color Company 3 Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Rhubie Jovanov, exec producer. Audio Mix Formosa Group Mix Mark Mangini, audio engineer. Sound Design David Whitehead.

The Best Work You May Never See: UNICEF's "Violence Marks Forever" Featuring David Beckham

Client UNICEF Agency BlindPig/Absolute Post, London Phil Oldham, creative director. Production/VFX/Animation BlindPig, London Jonas McQuiggin, director; Tom Cardo-Moreno, lead design and animation; Christine Peters, Mohamed Orekan, Jodie Lancaster, design & animation; Kirsty Murray, sr. producer; Nic Sanchez, producer Postproduction Absolute Post, London Simon Holden, Phil Oldham, compositors Matt Turner, colorist; Christian Lyndon, editor. (Toolbox: Nuke Flame) Sound Design BlindPig, London Joe Worters, sound designer.

Director Kasra Farahani, Omelet "Stand Together" For Final Fantasy XV

Client Square Enix Agency Omelet Grant Holland, chief creative officer; Josh Smutko, Clemente Bornacelli, creative directors; Tiffany Lam, art director; Ernesto Campabadal, copywriter; Dan Ruth, chief production officer; Caitlin McBride, producer. Production Chromista Kasra Farahani, director; Ross Emery, DP; Sandy Haddad, Ted Robbins, exec producers; Kev Cahill, on-set VFX supervisor. Music “Stand By Me,” Florence + The Machine. Editorial Work Editorial Stewart Reeves, Arielle Zakowski, Keith Hamm, editors; Mario Baird, exec producer; Erik Vogt-Nilsen, assistant editor. Telecine Company 3 Siggy Ferstl, sr. colorist; Matt Moran, exec producer. VFX Luma Pictures, Santa Monica, Calif. Jay Lichtman, managing director; Steven Swanson, sr. VFX producer; Kevin Souls, VFX supervisor; Michael Perdew, production supervisor; Raphael A. Pimentel, animation supervisor; Alexandre Cancardo, 2D supervisor; Catherine Hughes, digital production manager; Andrew Kalicki, Timothy Bond, digital coordinators; Daniel Kepler, technical coordinator; Claire Pereira de Souza, Flame artist; Alex Khan, Eddie Porter, Gian Ignacio Lombardi, Joey Sila, Joe Censoplano, lighters/compositors; Cameron Sorgi, jr. lighter/compositor; Federico La Tona, jr. compositor; Mathieu Aerni, lead character artist; Anthony Grant, lead model/texture artist; Schiller Jean-Louis Jr., Stchen Zhang, Tadao Masuyama, model/texture artist; Marcos D. Romero, character rigging TD; Monika Gelbmann, technical animator; Ari Flesch, Annie Jan, Erica Robinson, John Trudgian, Jeroth Diggenden, Meg Grube, Justin Brunett, Nicolette Kiss. Ross Novak, Tiffany Wang, animators; John Cassella, sr. effects TD; Karl Rogovini, effects TD; Tom Allen, effects artist; Christian Salvador, Meagan Green, Michael North, roto/paint artists; Lenny Gordon, lead tracking/matchmove artist; Ambrose McDuffy, Dominic Francis. tracking/matchmove artists. (Toolbox: Maya, Zbrush, Mari, Nuke, Flame, ftrack, SynthEyes, PFTrack) Music/Sound Barking Owl Kelly Bayett, creative director; Houston Fry, music editor; Michael Anastasi, sound designer; KC Dossett, producer. Audio Post Lime Jeff Malen, audio mixer; Lisa Mermelstein, audio assistant; Susie Boyajan, exec producer.

Aardman Makes "Special Delivery" For DFS' Xmas Campaign

Client DFS Agency krow communications Darryl George, creative director/copywriter; Jon Mitchell, creative director/art director; Nick Hastings, executive creative director; Emma Rookledge, producer. Production Aardman Animations, Bristol, U.K. Steve Harding-Hill, director; Jeremy Hogg, DP. Stephanie Owen, producer; Danny Gallagher, production manager; Hannah Campbell, production coordinator; Rob Richards, storyboards; Kristyna Litten, character designer; Jim Grant, designs & layouts; Henry St. Leger, Photoshop artist; Helen Javes, art director; Claire Baker, Rachel Bennett, set dressers; Tom Sewell, carpenter; Chris Entwistle, head of modelmaking; Nancy Stott, Georgie Everard, George Watson, Jake Slade, Cath Slade, Tom Astley, Codsteaks, modelmakers; Jay Grace, Seamus Malone, animators; Adam Watts, stills animator; Bram Ttwheam, compositing supervisor & grade; Jim Lewis, Fernando Lechuga, Stephen Hawken, Paule Quinton, compositors; Ben Craske, Dan Hembery, editors.  (Toolbox: Dragon, Photoshop, Nuke, Flame, Final Cut Pro)  ScaryCat Studio, miniature sofas; John Wright Model Making, DFS truck. Postproduction Aardman and The Mill Sound Design Aardman Laura Izzard, sound designer

Grey Canada, Bent Image Lab Celebrate Day of the Dead For el Jimador

Client el Jimador, (Brown-Forman) Agency Grey Canada, Toronto Joel Arbez, James Ansley, executive creative directors; Perle Arteta, art director; Sara Radovanovich, writer; Karen Lee, VP content and CRM; Lauren Scapillati, strategy; Erica Metcalfe, producer. Production/VFX/AnimationBent Image Lab, Portland, Ore. Rob Shaw, animation director; Anthony Greene, exec producer; Robert D’Esposito, producer; Mark Eiffert, DP; Russ Eaton, DP (product shoot); Greg Arden, art director; Javan Ivey, lead animator; Brent Heise, editor; Barna Howard, compositor; Dan Kim, colorist. (Toolbox: Dragonframe, After Effects) Music/Sound Design Grayson Matthews Bridget Flynn, exec producer; Ryan Kondrat, John La Magna, creative directors.