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Ciclope Festival Celebrates Craft & Artistic Innovation
  • Friday, Dec. 13, 2019
Luis Ribeiro

The theatre held a crowd of industry pros so large many were forced to stand at Ciclope Festival’s 10th Anniversary event in Berlin. Featuring incredible work, with noteworthy standouts including BMW’s “The Small Escape,” FKA Twig’s “Cellophane,” and Bianco’s “The Lift,” the fest celebrated the artistic highlights of the year. I’ve always found this gathering to be unique in celebrating the artistic craft at the core of our industry--beyond the scope of branded advertising. 

Coming from the creative side of this industry, I’ve found that larger festivals often attract a muddled crowd, with a bigger presence of tech and consultancy representatives and an emphasis on the business side of our industry. At Ciclope, the audience is more intimate and therefore conducive to deeper artistic discussion and networking. Without the presence of those primarily in the trenches of operations, the festival hones in on the creative talent, fostering opportunity to discuss industry direction and trends.

At what other festival would you find a “no logo” awards category? With a goal of recognizing artistic breakthroughs, Ciclope 2019 celebrated creative vision and production separate from brand identity. This year, the festival once again touched upon the unspoken and rule-bending tactics that lead to great work.

The stand-outs included a talk on the Cannabis industry in advertising, and how new sectors--especially the previously controversial--call for innovative storytelling and messaging to reach audiences. Emerging platforms play a large role too, as Anomaly CPO Chad Hopenwasser can attest with his hilarious IGTV channel “‘Life As Big Man,” and his discussion on how these outlets serve as a dynamic testing ground for new creative approaches.

The conversation at Ciclope reinforced for me that creative potential in the advertising game is growing larger than ever. What was once uncharted territory is now open for exploration, inspiring creatives to integrate new tactics within the storytelling process. Surrounded by innovators from all corners, the festival was a meeting ground for continued growth in the artistry of great advertising. And what’s more is that this conversation is continuing to expand on a global scale, with 

Ciclope growing into additional areas including the Asian, African, Latin and U.S. markets. This facilitates a broader international appreciation for the deep level of nuanced craft that goes into our industry and allows us to challenge each other within the industry to push creative boundaries and reach audiences with storytelling that inspires and sparks meaningful change in the world.

Luis Ribeiro is EP/partner at LOBO.

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