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Friday, Mar. 24, 2017
Basking In The Glow of "Moonlight"
When Moonlight was awarded the Best Picture Oscar just moments after it had been erroneously given to La La Land, media coverage centered on what went wrong to lead to the biggest gaffe in Academy Awards history. But somewhat lost in the immediate shuffle was what the films represented— La La Land...
Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
Remembering One’s Roots
Jimmy Smith, an accomplished agency creative who currently serves as partner, chairman and CCO of Amusement Park Entertainment, recalled years ago awarding a young filmmaker with his first commercial. That director went on to a stellar career in spots and features. But today, Smith laughed, he can’...
Friday, Oct. 28, 2016
ECA & Directors Series' Parallels
The Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA) ceremony held at the DGA Theater in L.A. last month was in some respects a microcosm of SHOOT’s Directors Series with its director profiles, its close-up look at up-and-coming talent, and a Cinematographers & Cameras feature exploring not only DPs and...
Friday, Aug. 19, 2016
"Causal Is The New Creativity"
The title of this column was a comment made by Winston Binch, chief digital officer of Deutsch North America, during the AICP Show Road Tour in Los Angeles last month as part of a roundtable discussion in which AICP Next judges talked about the honored work and trends in the industry. AICP...
Friday, May. 20, 2016
Showcase Legacy
As final preparations are being made for SHOOT’s 14th annual New Directors Showcase (NDS) set for next Thursday (5/26) at the DGA Theatre in NYC, I hearken back to some of the significant talent recognized at the event over the years. Among the many who made an impression is Elliott Lester who...
Friday, Apr. 1, 2016
Awards Recognition
With this year’s Oscars and Guild awards behind us—and the AICP Show, Cannes Lions and Emmys looming ahead—we are in an interim stretch which allows for some reflection on the awards season. And strangely it’s not the gala award shows that stand out for me but rather a less heralded event that took...
Friday, Feb. 5, 2016
Haskell Wexler: A Remembrance
Cinematographer Haskell Wexler, ASC—who passed away in December at the age of 93—will be remembered on many fronts. For his lensing of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf , the last film to receive an Oscar for black-and-white cinematography. For his Oscar-winning cinematography of Bound For Glory . For...
Friday, Dec. 18, 2015
Crossing Over
Many moons ago a feature director working in commercials was frowned upon in some circles. That was due to the prevalent notion that only a filmmaker with extensive ad experience would have the proper creative and political sensibilities for spots. Happily that line of separation has since...
Friday, Oct. 23, 2015
Up-And-Coming Directors
In this issue, our Fall Directors Series includes our ongoing Up-and-Coming Directors coverage identifying promising new filmmaking talent. We have two such formal features a year along with regular reporting on emerging directors and of course, our annual New Directors Showcase. As we were putting...
Thursday, May. 14, 2015
Full Circle
It wasn’t only their work but also feedback from a directing team selected for the 2015 SHOOT New Directors Showcase that struck a responsive chord with me. The Showcase--now in its 13th year, and set to be celebrated with an evening screening, panel discussion and afterparty at the DGA Theatre on...

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