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Friday, Apr. 24, 2009
End Of An Era
Mad River Post closed its doors a couple of weeks ago. I cried. Twenty years ago commercials were edited on film. Kem, Steenbeck, and Movieola were the systems used at top post houses of the day, and if you muttered the words offline video, you were talking about low end television shows or worse,...
Friday, Mar. 20, 2009
I would bet that, like most people, you watch TV with the remote in your hand. And not because you're constantly changing the channel, but because you're riding the volume like it's a fader on a console. I feel your pain and I apologize. The typical blast that ensues at the commercial break is...
Friday, Feb. 20, 2009
I write about the festivals themselves and I leave the critique of the films to the experts (the nerds who sit in the theater all day and write big reviews that we cannot understand). Lets talk people and the mood of Sundance. OK enough of the bitching that it's all about Hollywood releases and not...
Friday, Jan. 30, 2009
POV: Versatile Viral
Viral video in advertising is here to stay--but people are still debating what role it should play or how useful it is. The revolution over the past few years isn't simply that video content can be posted online, but rather that the very nature of what passes for entertainment and advertising is...
Friday, Jan. 9, 2009
For The Record
In the POV column titled "How Artful Images Were Created For GM" (11/21) by Bill Bennett, ASC , credit is due others in addition to those who were cited. Damon Live Action , Long Beach, Calif., produced the job. That house's executive producer Caroline von Weyher, director Tim Damon and producer...
Monday, Jan. 5, 2009
'Dark Knight' Vies For Producers Guild Best Pic
The Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight," slighted in earlier Hollywood honors, was among best-picture nominees Monday for the Producers Guild of America Awards. Other best-picture nominees were Brad Pitt's romantic fantasy "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Ron Howard's Richard Nixon saga "...
Friday, Dec. 19, 2008
It's times like these when being psychic is a mixed blessing. Let me explain. You see, we run a hybrid media studio called Psychic Bunny , which we founded as a new kind of production company with an innovative business model. From 2004, we grew steadily. And then the financial meltdown happened...
Friday, Dec. 5, 2008
Recent years have been an absolute cat and mouse game for advertising agency producers and production companies. What's important? What do we do? In five years? In 10? Is the sky falling, or is this a wonderful opportunity? In truth, the production side of things is more exciting than ever. But don...
Friday, Nov. 21, 2008
One of the many fascinating things about :30 storytelling is that every project is a different experience with unique challenges. I recently collaborated with director Tim Damon of Damon Live Action on the production of 100,000 feet of running footage for national, regional and local spots that...
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008
YouTube Channels Google With Search-Driven Ads
Facing more pressure to profit from its huge audience, YouTube is letting advertisers promote their commercial clips alongside the search results at the Internet's most popular video site. The system introduced today channels a concept that has turned Google Inc., YouTube's owner, into one of the...

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