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Friday, Nov. 21, 2008
One of the many fascinating things about :30 storytelling is that every project is a different experience with unique challenges. I recently collaborated with director Tim Damon of Damon Live Action on the production of 100,000 feet of running footage for national, regional and local spots that...
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008
YouTube Channels Google With Search-Driven Ads
Facing more pressure to profit from its huge audience, YouTube is letting advertisers promote their commercial clips alongside the search results at the Internet's most popular video site. The system introduced today channels a concept that has turned Google Inc., YouTube's owner, into one of the...
Friday, Oct. 24, 2008
The music business has morphed to become part entertainment, part advertising, part technology, and part anything goes. Everything about music is changing: how it's bought, created, distributed, listened to, searched for, discussed, used, and shared. It's very different than it was just five years...
Friday, Oct. 10, 2008
The most exciting trend I see in advertising today is the shift of the relationship between the agency and the client. The days of traditional advertising are coming to an end, especially with the economic state we are in. Companies are tightening their belts and spending their money more...
Friday, Sep. 26, 2008
About three days before most shoots take place I lose my producer. And all the other serious, hard working production folks around the office go missing; I can't find the production manager, her coordinator and you can forget about all the PAs. I mean they're still physically in the same zip code...
Friday, Sep. 12, 2008
The transition to an all-digital tapeless workflow has transformed how we do business. Production companies are realizing the cost benefits, flexibility and efficiencies of moving everything from tape to digital, and agency broadcast departments are implementing all-digital production environments...
Friday, Aug. 15, 2008
You might ask, "How do I know this?" Through my own personal research, of course. It all goes back to when I started with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) in 1994. I was walking to work through Union Square, and a very panicked-looking young man approached me and told me...
Friday, Jul. 18, 2008
YES! YES! YES! The fun was back big time this year. I know, the economy sucks, the work sucks, the budgets suck, your bonus sucks and you suck. So what. For some reason Cannes was a riot. Everyone was smiling and acting like they liked each other, well almost everyone. I think we are close to...
Friday, Jun. 6, 2008
This week Simpson Films hosted a sneak preview of where spot production is heading. The event featured a compelling look at eight spots I shot with the Phantom digital camera. A cross-section of industry folks were in attendance for the screening and an evening of conversations about this new...
Friday, May. 23, 2008
The entry period has opened for the Hollywood Production Alliance's (HPA) fourth annual J. Michael Brinkman Scholarship and Mentoring Fund. The total value of the Brinkman Scholarship awards have increased to $9.335 for 2008. This year, a stipend has been added for the faculty member who nominates...

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