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  • Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2018
Call for entries opens for HPA Engineering Excellence Award
Joachim Zell, VP of technology for EFILM and chair of the HPA Engineering Excellence Award Committee
BURBANK, Calif. -- 

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA®) has opened its call for entries for the Engineering Excellence Award. Now in its 13th year, the HPA Engineering Excellence Award is considered one of the most important technology honors in the industry, spotlighting companies and individuals who draw upon technical and creative ingenuity to develop breakthrough technologies. Submissions will close on May 25, 2018. 

Joachim Zell, VP of technology for EFILM and chair of the HPA Engineering Excellence Award Committee, said, “Artistic vision is what drives the technical and engineering processes that bring that vision to life. Ultimately, our work is fundamentally about helping filmmakers realize their vision.  The companies and individuals supporting creative storytellers face constant pressure to evolve to expand the creative palette. Their contribution to the entertainment industry cannot be overstated. The Engineering Excellence Award is a highly competitive honor, and the past winners have changed the course of entertainment technology. We encourage the submission of your significant technological achievements.” 

Entrants for this peer-judged award may include products or processes, and must represent a significant step forward for its industry beneficiaries. Past winners have included Aspera, Canon, Colorfront, Dolby, The Foundry/Sony Pictures Imageworks, MACOM, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Quantel, and RED Digital Cinema.  Rules and procedures can be found here.

Applicants present to a blue-ribbon industry panel.  Presentations  will take place on a Saturday in June in Los Angeles. More information about the presentation dates and location will be announced soon.

Entries for the Engineering Excellence Award will be accepted until May 25. Winners will be announced in advance, and honors presented during the HPA Awards gala on the evening of November 15, 2018 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. 

In addition, the HPA Awards will again honor important craft categories including Outstanding Color Grading, Editing, Sound and Visual Effects for feature film, television and commercials. The call for entries in these creative categories will be announced in May.

For more information about the HPA Awards, including complete rules, guidelines and entry information, click here

  • Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2018
Mike Provancha appointed managing director of PlayBox Technology UK 
Mike Provancha

Global channel-in-a-box manufacturer PlayBox Technology UK Limited has named Mike Provancha to serve as its managing director.

Provancha has over 40 years of video experience in engineering, sales, and management. In addition to his engineering degree, he holds a bachelors degree in marketing. Starting his sales career with Ampex and subsequently Grass Valley Group, Provancha has held management positions at Abekas, Pluto, NVP and Masstech--where he was managing director of EMEA. He most recently was co-founder and managing director of LS Global Partners, an international business development firm.

With full responsibility for the growth and management of PlayBox Technology, Provancha will play a key role in meeting the company’s goals, as well as building on its reputation for service and providing superior products. PlayBox Technology has provided over 17,500 TV and branding channels worldwide.

Provancha will be based at the company headquarters located in Brookmans Park Teleport, just north of London.

  • Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2018
Colorfront unveils new color workflows at NAB
Colorfront's QC Player

Colorfront, the Academy, Emmy and HPA Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, broadcast, OTT and commercials, is trailblazing new UHD/HDR color workflows--from the set through post into cinemas and the home--at NAB 2018. Offering a variety of new features, Colorfront products enable productions, post and studio facilities, OTTs and TV-set manufacturers, to execute critical quality control (QC), mastering, delivery and display tasks across an enormous range of Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG) content.

For almost a decade, Colorfront On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies have been prevalent in motion picture and high-end episodic TV production, due to their powerhouse dailies turnaround capabilities. 

New at NAB 2018, On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies now feature support for the latest large format, full-frame cameras, including Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa LF, Panavision DXL2, RED Gemini 5K and Monstro 8K. To further facilitate UHD/HDR production on-set, both also feature second-head HDR analyzers.

Recent productions deploying Colorfront Dailies systems include: Atomic Blonde (Universal Pictures), Blade Runner 2049 (Warner Bros.), Red Sparrow (20th Century Fox), The Spy Who Dumped Me (Lionsgate), Robin Hood: Origins (Lionsgate) and Terror (AMC).

New Colorfront partnership with AJA
Following Colorfront’s fruitful collaboration with AJA Video Systems in 2017, which saw the integration of Colorfront Engine™ into AJA’s FS-HDR, Colorfront is licensing its Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer software to AJA for AJA’s HDR Image Analyzer. Shown as a technology preview at NAB 2018, the new solution comprises critical waveform, histogram, vectorscope and Nit-level HDR monitoring, and simplifies analysis of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD, HDR and WCG content in production, post, QC and mastering processes. The product will be sold worldwide via AJA’s established marketing channels.

Colorfront ships QC Player at NAB 2018
Shipping at NAB 2018, Colorfront QC Player delivers highly-affordable UHD quality control. Priced at $10,000 USD, it supports realtime playback of JPEG 2000 content, including DCPs (2K/4K, 2D/3D, encrypted, with dynamic subtitles) and IMF packages. These include lossless/high-bit-rate (1,600 Mbps) UHD Dolby Vision mezzanine masters, such as Netflix Main Level 7, Sub-level 4 IMFs of 4096x2160, at up to 59.94fps, with integrated Dolby Vision remapping, plus simultaneous SDR (Soft CMU) and HDR output. Colorfront QC Player also provides real-time support for the latest RAW UHD HDR formats from the latest digital cinematography cameras.

QC Player includes waveform, vectorscope, histogram, split-screen, second head analyzer, color gamut and Nit light-level metering tools. Other key features encompass framing guide overlays for title/text/logos/graphics safe areas, plus image reframing and burn-in/watermarking tools. QC Player comes with audio tools supporting embedded audio, WAV files and up to 24-channel audio output.

Colorfront announces Transkoder 2018
Colorfront Transkoder has become the ultimate post workflow tool for handling the vast range of UHD, HDR camera, color, editorial and deliverables formats – with customers including Sony, HBO, Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, Dolby, Samsung, Netflix, Amazon, Vubiquity, Deluxe, Pixelogic, Technicolor, Light Iron, Éclair, BBC and NHK.

Previewed at NAB 2018, Transkoder 2018 is powered by a re-engineered version of Colorfront Engine™, at the heart of which are new parametric tools enabling infinitely variable light level output control. Additionally, a new perceptual engine delivers improved color rendition in dynamic extremities, plus better matching between HDR/SDR levels. Colorfront has enhanced Transkoder’s WCG mapping and added new user-selectable color constrain/legalizing tools.

Along with second-head analysis, newly expanded toolsets perform an even larger range of UHD/HDR/WCG processing tasks. These include industry-leading JPEG2000 encode-decode, support for the latest Cinema Mezzanine and ProRes IMF Apps, IMF/IMP authoring/naming, transwrapping, packaging, verification and QC, multi-channel audio (MCA) labeling, metadata sidecar files, and EIDR, the universal unique identifier system for movie and television assets. 

Transkoder is already certified by Dolby Laboratories for the creation of Dolby Atmos Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), and Dolby Vision Mastering/Mezzanine packaging. Transkoder 2018 additionally offers Dolby Vision metadata tunneling via HDMI and integrated GPU-based light-level remapping or external Dolby CMU control. 

Colorfront and the HDR10+ home viewing experience
Colorfront has collaborated with Amazon, Fox, Samsung and Panasonic to ensure the readiness of Dynamic Tone Mapping – with dynamic metadata – for the latest HDR10+ standard in Trankoder 2018. This enables Amazon to deliver content in HDR10+, assuring unsurpassed HDR home viewing experiences across the latest ranges of Samsung and Panasonic UHD TV sets.

Improved Colorfront Dailies on AWS
Colorfront is also showing enhanced processing for UHD/HDR dailies in the cloud. These include automatic sound-sync, rendering and delivery, for dailies, editorial and VFX, with streamlined upload to services such as PIX.

At NAB, Colorfront products can been seen at: AJA Video Systems (#SL2505); Dolby (#SU1702), and Panasonic (#C3607).

  • Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2018
Deluxe launches platform to unify global content creation & distribution

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. (Deluxe) announced the launch of Deluxe One, a platform that unifies every stage of the content ecosystem — from creation to viewer experience — in one cloud-based interface. An open platform, Deluxe One is designed to integrate with any vendor or customer system, allowing users to succeed in an age where the lines between creator and distributor are becoming increasingly blurred.

“More and more, customers are working to shorten the time between camera lens and screen,” said John Wallace, chief executive officer for Deluxe. “As the only industry provider that can deliver the full range of services from content creation through distribution, Deluxe is uniquely positioned to bridge this divide and power this new age of storytelling. Deluxe One offers a seamless way for companies of all sizes to access our services — from pre-production to playout — and reaffirms our commitment to persistent innovation.”

Deluxe One unifies a network of micro-services accessed through an intuitive interface that helps customers streamline their workflow, whether they are using Deluxe’s end-to-end solution or just a piece of it. Designed to reduce hand-offs between vendors and speed up turnaround times through automation, Deluxe One allows customers to get their content to audiences around the world quickly and reliably.

“Deluxe One completely reimagines how content gets made and delivered,” explained Andy Shenkler, chief product officer for Deluxe. “The modular architecture enables integration with vendor and customer APIs, unifying what was once a very fragmented ecosystem of services and offering it to customers through a single interface that gives them control and visibility throughout the entire media lifecycle.”

In contrast to traditional siloed solutions, Deluxe One acts as an open hub, allowing not only customers but other vendors to connect their business with Deluxe and benefit from the power and breadth of the platform while co-creating value. Vendor partners that are currently integrated in the platform include:

  • DLVR: Multi-CDN switching and optimization for peak streaming performance
  • Globant: OTT platform solutions for publishers and content creators
  • Hybrik: Highest-quality cloud-based transcoding at scale
  • Mediamorph: Rights information and management to automate operational content flows

Deluxe One draws on the expertise Deluxe has built as the trusted partner of the largest studios, programmers and distributors for over 100 years. With its best-in-class proprietary products, applications and services, Deluxe has created and delivered more premium content than anyone in the world, and Deluxe One makes it easier for customers to access this unparalleled expertise for their postproduction and distribution needs.

  • Sunday, Apr. 8, 2018
BB&S rolls out new lighting products at NAB
BB&S' Force 7

BB&S Lighting will return to NAB in Las Vegas with a bevy of new products as well as its tried and true LED lighting lineup.

The new Force 7 LED LEKO delivers 750 Watt-equivalent output while drawing just 185W at maximum—with a color friendly 97 CRI. It provides smooth, even, edge-to-edge lighting with no hotspots; no double shadows when using a gobo. The 48V system provides smooth dimming down to zero. Plus, its silent fan puts out half the decibels of other LEKOs.

Along with the Force 7 LEKO, attendees will see a demonstration of the illuminating CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System). CRLS maker, The Light Bridge has selected the Force 7 as the optimum source for their system, which employs proprietary high efficiency reflectors to make diffused light easier to control and modulate, offering creative ways to paint with light and shadow.

BB&S adds 3’ and 4’ Pipeline Free remote phosphor LED lighting fixtures, increasing the versatility of this cylindrical pipe-style lighting that is popular for broadcast studios, motion pictures, and video of all types. The new 3’ and 4’ (914mm, 1219mm) sizes join the existing 4”, 8”, 1’, and 2’ (101mm, 203mm, 305mm, 610mm) Pipes. Pipeline Free Remote phosphor fixtures feature inline driver/dimmers to operate stand-alone. Each length is available in 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K color temperatures.

Also being introduced is the Pipeline 1’ 1-Bank Wedge, which comes in either a black or white colored fixture. With a color-true 98 TLCI, it is available in 1’ and 2’ lengths. At 3200K, 4300K and 5600K, these handy banks are ideal for broadcast desks and special installs requiring high output in small spaces. Control is via the Pipeline 4-Way Controller with built in DMX. Optional honeycomb grids are available.

  • Saturday, Apr. 7, 2018
Avid unveils innovations for media creation, management and distribution
Jeff Rosica

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) unveiled a series of innovative tools, apps, services, and solutions at Avid Connect 2018, the annual gathering of the Avid Customer Association (ACA). Extending the benefits of MediaCentral®, Avid has expanded its comprehensive product offerings with groundbreaking advancements for creative and aspiring professionals, production teams and media enterprises across news, sports, live production and post production. These products and services will be demonstrated during the NAB Show at Avid’s booth #SU801, April 9-12.

In addition, Avid customers and leadership will share their insights and expertise in several NAB 2018 conference sessions, the most extensive Avid Main Stage roster ever and, new this year, the Avid Cloud Platform Theater, where visitors will explore emerging technologies for media creation, production and delivery.

“The massive changes in media and entertainment, while challenging, open up new doors for our customers and users to improve the way they work and secure better results for their businesses,” said Avid CEO and president, Jeff Rosica. “We’re excited to help them unlock their full potential by further accelerating our delivery of connected, open platforms of tools, apps, services and solutions that ensure it’s easier than ever before to create the most compelling content. We’re exceedingly grateful for the advantage that the Avid Customer Association provides by influencing Avid’s roadmap.”

Giving voice to thousands of members of the media industry’s preeminent customer and user community, the Avid Customer Association’s ACA Vote helps prioritize Avid’s product and innovation roadmap, as well as exclusively gather crucial insights and viewpoints of the industry at large. Results from the second annual ACA Vote will be revealed in front of the ACA membership this weekend.

Announcements include:

Avid | On Demand – Avid unveiled Avid | On Demand, a SaaS cloud services and solutions platform that provides media production capabilities on demand. Avid | On Demand lets media organizations conveniently deploy the capabilities they need on a per-project basis with optimal elasticity—and without a drawn-out deployment phase or large capital outlay. Avid | On Demand services include Avid | AI, a new suite of Avid and third-party capabilities that automate content indexing, such as closed captioning verification, language detection, facial recognition, scene detection, and speech-to-text conversion. Avid | AI services introduced at Avid Connect include Avid Phonetic Search, Avid | Illuminate On Demand, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Avid | Transformation. Avid | On Demand cloud solutions include Avid | Shared Library On Demand and Avid | Editorial On Demand.
Avid NEXIS® | E5 NL – Avid introduced Avid NEXIS | E5 NL nearline storage solution. With the addition of this high-density on-premises solution to the Avid NEXIS family—the world’s first software-defined storage platform for media—Avid customers can seamlessly and efficiently manage media across all of their online, nearline, and archive storage resources.
Avid VENUETM | S6L Unified Platform – Avid announced a massive expansion to its award-winning Avid VENUE | S6L family of live sound systems, with three new control surfaces, a new engine, and two new I/O racks – all on a unified platform. Offering unmatched modularity, scalability and flexibility to meet any size production, space, or budget requirement, VENUE | S6L is the industry’s only live sound platform with 100% software, hardware, and show file compatibility across all system components.
Creative Tools Family and Avid Connect App – Avid unveiled an unprecedented expansion of its Creative Tools Family, providing access to Avid’s iconic Pro Tools®, Media Composer® and Sibelius® software for creative individuals at any stage of their career and teams of any size. To help users deliver their best work, Avid also introduced the Avid Connect App, which will be available to all of Avid’s 1.4 million account holders this summer, delivering a centralized “one-stop” experience for artists to find, connect and collaborate with each other on any laptop, iOS or Android device.

Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | Ultimate provide the tools to create music or sound for film or TV while connecting users with a premier network of artists, producers and mixers around the world.
Media Composer | First, Media Composer and Media Composer | Ultimate give editors at all stages in their careers access to the industry-standard editing software used by top film, TV and broadcast editors.

Sibelius | First, Sibelius and Sibelius | Ultimate allow composers to create captivating scores more quickly than ever before.

The Avid Connect App is an artist’s personalized connection into the most talented and diverse Artist Community and Marketplace from wherever they are—from their computers, mobile devices, and within their Avid creative tools (Pro Tools, Media Composer and Sibelius). The app provides immediate access to everything an artist needs such as their profile, connections, projects and products.
Maestro™ | PowerWall – Avid introduced the next-generation Maestro | PowerWall display control and management solution that puts the power of UHD-quality graphics into the hands of any television broadcaster. Avid developed Maestro | PowerWall to bring greater value to its customers by simplifying production and eliminating prohibitive costs for creating and presenting 3D graphics and video content on multiple displays regardless of size, dimension, or resolution. The successor to Maestro I TD Control™ provides powerful video wall capabilities, a high-performance video processing engine, and real-time, data-driven graphics to more easily and rapidly infuse news, sports, and entertainment broadcasts with greater excitement to captivate viewers.
News workflow innovations – Avid announced apps, services and solutions to accelerate news workflows with the cloud. These innovations optimize collaboration, accessibility and distribution required to capture the significant opportunity of engaging news viewers on any device. Avid is empowering news organizations to create, manage and deliver breaking news to television, social media and other outlets faster than ever before. Avid’s news workflow innovations integrate Avid’s industry-leading products including Avid | On Demand and new MediaCentral apps like MediaCentral | Publish, MediaCentral | Rundown, MediaCentral | Research, Maestro News, and x.news, as well as Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, FastServe™ | Playout, Avid | Shared Library On Demand, Avid | AI and Avid | Transformation.
Postproduction workflow innovations – Avid announced the immediate availability of its new generation of video post-production workflow innovations delivering greater integration, speed, and collaboration for everyone from small editorial teams to global media enterprises. The new post workflow tools and solutions integrate MediaCentral | Editorial Management for collaborative asset management with Media Composer video editing software, the new Avid Artist™ | DNxID video I/O hardware, and Avid NEXIS software-defined storage.
Sports workflow innovations – Avid announced the immediate availability of workflow innovations for enabling sports broadcasters to streamline creation and airing of live ultra-high definition (UHD) programs. Avid’s end-to-end sports workflow integrates Avid FastServe™, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, the MediaCentral | Log app, the YEPCO Sports Data Feed Connector, MediaCentral, Avid NEXIS software-defined storage, including the new Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, the Maestro™ graphics suite, including Maestro | Designer, Maestro | Live and Maestro | Telestrator, and Maestro studio solutions, including Maestro | AR, Maestro | Virtual Set, and the new Maestro l PowerWall. 

Education sessions
Multiplatform Distribution: The Challenges and Opportunities
11-11.30 a.m. on Monday, April 9 at Destination NXT (SU11416DN)

Avid CEO & President Jeff Rosica will moderate a panel session discussing how media organizations are embracing multiplatform distribution, featuring Avid customers:
Gordon Castle, Senior Vice President of Technology, Eurosport
Jason Justman, Senior Principle Architect, SinclairDigital
Larry Oaks, VP Technology, Meredith Corporation

Optimizing Creative Impact Without Increasing Production Costs
1:50- 2:10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10 at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (N255)
Tim Claman, Vice President, Platform & Solutions at Avid, will present best practices for native immersive audio production, from sound design to mixing to distribution.

Virtualized Content Production: The Cloud Effect
2:10-2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11 at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (N256)
Tim Claman will also present how the cloud is changing the game for content creators, providing insights from the hundreds of thousands of artists who are using Avid’s innovative cloud services platform, and learnings from large-scale cloud projects by the world’s leading content producers.

Open to all NAB attendees, the Avid Main Stage at NAB 2018 (booth #SU802) will feature exciting live presentations from an all-star line-up of the industry’s most talented creative professionals behind award-winning movies and TV shows like Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, War for the Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Westworld.

In the Avid Cloud Platform Theater, starting at the bottom of every hour, any attendee can step inside to explore the possibilities of the cloud and emerging technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive services enabled by Avid’s open MediaCentral platform.

  • Friday, Apr. 6, 2018
New JVC 4KCAM cameras offer integrated graphics, live streaming
JVC's GY-HM250U/GY-HM250SP Compact Handheld Streaming Camcorder

JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, announced three new additions to its family of 4KCAM cameras. Among other new features, the new GY-HM250U offers integrated graphics and live streaming, while the GY-HM250SP adds sports-specific score overlays. Also new, the GY-HM180U sets a new benchmark for professional compact cameras without built-in streaming or graphics.

Designed for enhanced single-camera production, the GY-HM250U offers lower-third and full-screen titling solutions for recorded or streamed video output without an external CG or production switcher. Lower-third graphic overlays are generated and controlled using a browser-equipped device, such as a tablet or smartphone. JVC also provides a software utility that lets customers upload logos or icons that are displayed in the lower-third of the recorded video.

Full-screen graphics can be advanced manually or presented as a slideshow during extended breaks in the action with user-defined timing. Users can store up to 50 .JPG or .PNG graphics, such as team logos or religious icons, in the camera. Worship facilities, for example, can display scripture readings or lyrics, with the operator manually advancing graphics during the service.

The GY-HM250SP’s score overlays for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball can be placed in various screen positions. Camera operators can update the score using an external Wi-Fi connected smartphone or tablet, or receive real-time scoreboard data automatically when wirelessly connected to a Sportzcast Scorebot that is integrated with the venue’s scoreboard.

Both the GY-HM250U and GY-HM250SP also feature built-in streaming with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity that provides live access to CDNs like Facebook Live and YouTube. The cameras also work as part of JVC’s S.L.I.M. studio camera system, an affordable approach to multi-camera production that uses the RM‑LP100 remote camera control as a CCU for JVC IP-capable cameras.

Other new features include 4:2:2 recording for 4K/30p and 4K/24p, as well as 4K/60p HDMI output. The new tele macro shooting mode on the GY‑HM250U and GY‑HM250SP provides better focus on close objects than previous models, while the new Zero Config function provides automatic, one-click configuration of the camera when it joins the same LAN as other cameras.

The new GY-HM250U replaces the current GY-HM200U and GY-HM200HW models, while the new GY-HM250SP with integrated sports graphic overlays replaces the GY‑HM200SP. An upgrade to the popular GY-HM170U, the GY-HM180U still outputs live 4K via HDMI, but also adds a 3G-SDI output for connectivity flexibility.

Beyond the upgrades, GY-HM250U, GY-HM250SP, and GY-HM180U retain the professional features valued in the previous 4KCAM models, including a 1/2.3-inch BSI 4K CMOS imager and integrated 12x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer. The cameras record footage in a variety of file formats and frame rates (including up to 120fps slow motion) to economical Class 10 SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Users can record on two cards simultaneously for instant backup or use relay mode for extended recording time. Other features include dual XLR audio inputs, integrated handle with hot shoe, built-in microphone and dedicated shotgun mic mount, and viewfinder and LCD displays.

The GY-HM180U has an MSRP of $1,795, the GY-HM250U has an MSRP of $2,245, and the GY-HM250SP has an MSRP of $2,595. All three models will be available in May.

  • Thursday, Apr. 5, 2018
SGO to unveil Mistika Review at NAB 

At NAB 2018 (April 7-12) in Las Vegas, SGO will introduce Mistika Review, an all new product, joining the line-up of Mistika Technology based solutions as a part of its natively integrated Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept. 

Mistika Review enables reliable real-time playback and review of VFX shots or clips, supporting many native file types, resolutions, frame rates and color spaces. This facilitates efficient and optimized postproduction workflows of even the most demanding UHD, 8K, HDR, HFR and VR/360o projects.

Unique playback capabilities
SGO’s globally acclaimed herosuite, Mistika Ultima, is recognized by the industry for its unique and unparalleled playback capabilities. Mistika Review utilizes a newly developed caching system that even works on much smaller and less demanding platforms, allowing dependable real time playback of hi-resolution media, even at 8K.

Review and sign-off
Mistika Review is an incredibly easy-to-use software solution that allows creatives and decision makers to check the quality and status of a project and sign off their work remotely in one-to-one and even one-to-many remote review sessions. 

Users can change the speed, frame rate, zoom in and out during playback and share notes and suggestions utilizing colored markers with annotations as part of the creative review process.

Mistika Review is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Thursday, Apr. 5, 2018
Atomos, Nikon to unlock full-frame video for DPs at NAB
Nikon and Atomos' D850 Filmmakers Kit
MELBOURNE, Australia -- 

Nikon Inc. and Atomos have partnered to bring creative professionals the ultimate full-frame DSLR video setup – the new D850 Filmmaker’s Kit with 4K Ninja Flame 7” HDR monitor-recorder. This new kit provides all the essential gear filmmakers need to create stunning UHD video in a one-box solution.

Photographers expect photos to accurately reproduce all the details they see when shooting. Atomos now gives DSLR users the same level of fidelity when shooting 4K video. The Ninja Flame is a touch controlled portable camera-top HDMI video recorder. Instead of using small cards the Ninja Flame records onto high capacity, affordable SSDs from a variety of leading drive makers.

The Ninja Flame unlocks the full-frame potential of the Nikon D850 by taking the video image direct from Nikon’s class- leading 45.7 megapixel back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor and recording it in the highest quality with visually lossless compression.

It records 4K UHD video in 4:2:2 for greater color accuracy, straight into edit-ready Apple ProRes or AvidDNxHR codecs. These formats are industry standard within film and television production, ensuring that recordings can be viewed and edited easily on almost any Mac or PC.

Unlike some other DSLRs, the D850 shoots video using the full width of the full-frame sensor, and not a crop. This means that ensuring accurate focus is critical, especially in 4K. Working with the Ninja Flame’s super-sharp, super-bright, accurate, 1920x1200 resolution screen means users can get sharp images every time.

In addition, there are a complete range of professional video monitoring tools like waveform, vectorscope, false color, 1-1 and 2-1 magnification, frame guides and more.  You can even use the display and tools to check critical focus for stills.

The Ninja Flame expands the D850’s audio capabilities. Plug one of Nikon’s microphones directly into the 3.5mm mic jack and users get professional audio with on-screen level meters, plus the ability to mix between audio coming from the camera over HDMI, and an external mic.

Beautifully presented, the Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s kit includes the camera, Ninja Flame, and three prime NIKKOR lenses ideal for content creation that exhibit the fantastic sharpness needed for 4K UHD video, including the AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED, AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G and AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lenses. The kit also contains an additional battery, the ME-1 Stereo Microphone and the ME-W1 Wireless Microphone. The kit is available now at Nikon dealers in the U.S.

“Nikon and Atomos are two companies that put first the excellence of image through great products. I’m delighted that we are working together to bring photographers and filmmakers the latest full frame DSLR 4K video technology at an amazing price,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young. “Choosing between great stills or great video quality is no longer a problem – now you can get amazing high-resolution stills capture and excellent quality 4K UHD video in one package – The Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit.”

NAB Convention attendees can see and try the Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s kit on the Nikon booth (# C6019) in the Central Hall, at the NAB 2018 show in Las Vegas from April 9-12.

  • Wednesday, Apr. 4, 2018
Ncam to launch next-generation lighting and depth solutions for augmented reality at NAB
Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam

Ncam Technologies, developer of augmented reality technology for the entertainment industries, will launch at NAB 2018 new products and solutions designed to enhance lighting and depth within AR platforms for a more naturalistic look.

Real Light is designed to solve the common challenge of making augmented graphics look like they are part of the real-world scene. Real Light captures real-world lighting (direction, color, intensity, HDR maps), and renders it onto augmented graphics in real-time, adapting to each and every lighting change.

Real Depth provides a new and unique automated technique for sensing depth. By extracting depth data in real-time, subjects are able to interact seamlessly with their virtual surroundings for the most realistic and synergetic visual engagement.

Extreme, a new option for Ncam’s camera tracking products, provides enhanced camera tracking for severe lighting conditions, especially stage lighting including strobing effects.

Nic Hatch, CEO, Ncam, said, “These new technologies take our augmented reality platform to the next level, providing our customers with unrivalled possibilities, enabling an even more realistic look to graphics content.”

All three solutions will be available for live demonstrations on Ncam’s booth C5629 at NAB 2018. Ncam’s augmented reality technology can also be seen on the booths of leading manufacturers including Avid (SU801), Vizrt (SL2416) and Ventuz (SL13316) which will also be announcing its newest software, Version Ventuz X, featuring a brand new generative motion graphics and effects toolkit aimed at real-time presentation of mass data.

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