SHOOT 2015 New Directors Showcase
This is the 2015 NDS Reel

WELCOME…SHOOT’s 13th annual New Directors Showcase—which was celebrated with an evening screening, panel discussion and reception on Thursday, May 21, at the DGA Theatre in New York City—offers a total of 36 up-and-coming helmers filling 33 slots (30 individual directors, and three duos).

The field includes freelance directors (16 directors consisting of 12 individuals and two duos), two accomplished editors who have diversified into directing, and a filmmaker who served as co-producer on a recent HBO feature documentary.

The latter Showcase director is Erin Li and the alluded to documentary is director Nick Broomfield’s Tales of the Grim Sleeper which delves into the “Grim Sleeper” murders in South Central LA from 1987-2007.

As a director, Li earned inclusion into SHOOT’s Showcase for the trailer promoting Kepler X-47, her dystopian science fiction short film. Li was one of eight woman selected to participate in the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women on the basis of this film.

Editorial sensibilities
Two solo Showcase directors are accomplished editors affiliated with mainstay editorial houses: David Johnston from post shop jumP; and Zeke O’Donnell of Fluid Editorial. 

Johnston was selected for the Showcase for his Breast Cancer Awareness PSA entitled “Stare.” O’Donnell made the final Showcase cut for Crossroads’ “Chalk Art” PSA.

Seeking roosts
Among the directors in the Showcase who are as of yet unaffiliated with a production company are, in addition to Li: Kamell Allaway whose selection was based on Myron & E’s “On Broadway” music video; Jonathan Barenboim for the Sony PlayStation “Friendly Competition” TV commercial; Robert Bianco for the “Powerbeats by Dre” spec spot; Assal Ghawami for a Silk Soymilk spec spot; Anne Hollowday for The Royal Observatory Greenwich’s web short Emily: A Piece of Me; Bennett Johnson for a Haagen-Dazs online spot; Patrick Muhlberger for Spotify’s “Holding Hands” online spot; directorial duo the Perez Brothers for their short film The Weigh In; Joseph Pernice for his feature film Chasing Yesterday; Elen Santana for her short film Blame; Stephen Vitale for the short They Say; The Wolf Brothers duo for a Vlasic spec spot; and Ally Zonsius for the short film Educated.

The New Directors Showcase included three directorial duos. Unlike the Perez Brothers and the Wolf Brothers, our third sibling duo, the Freise Brothers, has a production company home, Biscuit Filmworks. The Freise Brothers earned their showcase slot for work which included “Skeet Art,” a cinema ad for the recently concluded Newport Beach Film Festival.

Individual affiliations
Besides the Freise Brothers, the rest of the field affiliated with production companies consists of: Marcus Armitage of Film Club London for his hand-drawn short My Dad; Jonathan Augustavo of SKUNK for Neuro’s “Sleep with Neil Patrick Harris”; Stash Capar of Spy Films, Toronto, for a Durex Condoms’ spec spot; Alexander Engel of Greencard Pictures for his short film This Is It; Bianca Giaever of m ssng p eces for This American Life’s “Videos 4 U: I Love” webisode; Christian Sorensen Hansen of Society for Audi’s web short Ricky: Uncompromised Portrait featuring Ricky Gervais; Zachary Heinzerling of Epoch Films for Facebook Japan’s online spot “You Are Someone’s Friend”; Mai Iskander of goodstory films for Whirlpool’s “Perceptions of Care: Louis Family” webisode; Claire Jantzen of Adolescent Content for Disney’s short film Soar; Michael Marantz of Persuade for “The Conditioned,” a branded content project for Facebook; Ed McCulloch who has two affiliations—Fancy Content in the U.S., and Holiday Films in Canada—and who earned Showcase inclusion for a Wounded Warrior Homes PSA; Jefferson Stein of 3008 Productions for the short Tumble Dry Low; Paul Thomas of Seed Media for the short film Stupify; Hughes William Thompson of The Colony for the short A New Man; Jack Whiteley of Rattling Stick for Night Life, a public service film for Ronald McDonald House; and Duncan Wolfe of ONE at Optimus for The Art of Listening, a piece of branded content for Lincoln Motor Company.

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Roberta Griefer, Editorial Director & Publisher

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