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Tuesday, Jul. 10, 2018
YouTube Looks To Crack Down On Fake News
Google's YouTube says it is taking several steps to ensure the veracity of news on its service by cracking down on misinformation and supporting news organizations. The company said Monday it will make "authoritative" news sources more prominent, especially in the wake of breaking news events when...
Monday, Jul. 9, 2018
Director Angie Bird Lands Her 1st U.S. Representation, Joins Chelsea
Bicoastal Chelsea has signed director Angie Bird--a Young Director Award winner at Cannes in 2016--for her first ever U.S. representation. Bird earned the Young Director Award honor for “Mean Tweets,” a commercial depicting the genuine struggles of the homeless. The spot showcases her knack for...
Monday, Jul. 9, 2018
Harvey Weinstein Released On Bail After Pleading Not Guilty 
Harvey Weinstein, who was previously indicted on charges involving two women, was released on bail on Monday while fighting sex crime accusations that now include a third woman. "We fight these battles one day at a time, and today we won this round," defense attorney Ben Brafman said outside court...
Monday, Jul. 9, 2018
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" Generates Box Office Buzz With $76M Debut
Despite its heroes' diminutive size, "Ant-Man and the Wasp" opened with typical Marvel might at the box office, with an estimated $76 million in ticket sales. According to studio estimates Sunday, the "Ant-Man" sequel easily surpassed the $57 million debut of the 2015 original in North America. The...
Saturday, Jul. 7, 2018
Judge Weighs In On Struggle Over Care, Representation Of Marvel's Stan Lee
The private struggle over the care and legacy of Marvel mastermind Stan Lee played out in public Friday in a Los Angeles courtroom as attorneys working with his daughter shoved aside a previous lawyer and reasserted that they represent the 95-year-old Lee. They were granted an elder-abuse...
Friday, Jul. 6, 2018
Actor Lakeith Stanfield Makes Real Mark In The Surreal
The weirder it gets, the more Lakeith Stanfield looks right at home. It was Stanfield, as the bodysnatched Andrew Hayworth, personifying the nightmare of Jordan Peele's "Get Out." In Donald Glover's "Atlanta," his cosmically lackadaisical pot-smoking philosopher Darius is the epitome of the show's...
Friday, Jul. 6, 2018
Calif. Senators Reach Agreement On Bill To Preserve Net Neutrality
Key California lawmakers said Thursday they've reached an agreement on legislation to enshrine net neutrality provisions in state law after the Federal Communications Commission dumped rules requiring an equal playing field on the internet. California's bill is one of the nation's most aggressive...
Thursday, Jul. 5, 2018
"Shoah" Director Claude Lanzmann Dies At 92
French director Claude Lanzmann, whose 9½-hour masterpiece "Shoah" bore unflinching witness to the Holocaust through the testimonies of Jewish victims, German executioners and Polish bystanders, has died at the age of 92. Gallimard, the publishing house for Lanzmann's autobiography, said he died...
Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2018
LeBron James' Move To L.A. Spans Basketball, Film, TV
"Space Jam 2?" A whole new "House Party" franchise? With the leadership of LeBron James, anything is possible. As James comes from Cleveland to Los Angeles looking to take the Lakers to more championships with a blockbuster $154 million contract announced this week, he could also push those two...
Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2018
NBC's "America's Got Talent" Tops Nielsens But CBS Wins The Week
“America’s Got Talent” continues to dominate the summer television landscape, although not by enough to make NBC the week’s most popular network. The talent show was seen by 11.3 million people last week, more than four million more than the next closest show, a repeat version of “60 Minutes,” the...

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