"1917," "Patrick Melrose" Top IMAGO Cinematography Awards In Film and TV, Respectively
A scene from “1917” (photo by Francois Duhamel/courtesy of Universal Pictures)
  • BRUSSELS, Belgium
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On the strength of 1917, Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC won the marquee feature film honor at the IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography held in Brussels.

Jame Friend, ASC, BSC, topped the TV drama competition for his work on the “Bad News” episode of Patrick Melrose.

And earning best documentary lensing distinction were Fejmi Daut, MSC and Samir Ljuma, MSC for Honeyland.

IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, created its International Awards to recognize the visual artistry and creativity of cinematographers from around the globe. The competition, culminating in this evening’s awards ceremony (3/14), provides an opportunity for all IMAGO member countries to participate, respect and admire the work of all cinematographers under one uniting umbrella. IMAGO now has 49 International Societies, with almost 4,000 professional cinematographers as members, from all corners of the world.

Here’s a category-by-category rundown of this year’s winners, as well as highlights of special award recipients:

The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography in FEATURE FILMS
Roger Deakins BSC ASC

The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography in TV DRAMA
Patrick Melrose ‘Bad News’
James Friend ASC BSC 

The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography in DOCUMENTARY
Honeyland (Medena Zemja)
Fejmi Daut MSC and Samir Ljuma,  MSC

The IMAGO International Award for Best STUDENT CINEMATOGRAPHY
School: Nederlands Film Academie
Cinematographer: Casper van Oort
Nederlands - NSC

The IMAGO International Award for Best Young Emerging Cinematographer
Cinematographer: Holger Jungnickel
Germany - BVK


The IMAGO Special Recognition Award

Jean-Pierre Beauviala
Truly a man for the ages, a respected and inspirational man, no longer with us, whose achievements will live on for decades to come. Among his accomplishments was founding the Aaton company in 1971 with Jacques Lecoeur and Francois Weulersse, among others. The company developed the Aaton 7 camera, from which evolved the Aaton 16mm camera and then athe Aaton LTR, the Aaton XTR and the Aaton XTR Prod. In ‘87 came the introduction of the Aaton 35 camera from which evolved the Aaton 35-III.  Other technical achievements incluced the release of the A-Minima, a tiny Super 16 camera, in ‘99 and the Penelope 35mm camera in 2008.

The IMAGO International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography
Chris Menges BSC ASC
Menges BSC ASC is a master cinematographer, a generous mentor and a person of the highest integrity, which is why he will receive IMAGO’s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. His honors include winning two Best Cinematography Oscars--for The Kiling Fields in 1985 and The Mission in 1987--and earning nominations for two others, Michael Collins in 1997, and The Reader (shared with Roger Deakins) in 2009.

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement
Johan Hellsten for the Easyrig
The Easyrig provides a good basis for improvement of back health. The results show that this aid can give long term benefits in the form of improved back health, work effectiveness and picture quality.

The IMAGO International Honorary Member Award
Astrid Heubrandtner AAC
Since 2009 she has been the president of the AAC, representing Austria at IMAGO where she was a guiding member of the Master Class Committee from 2007 until 2019 organizing five IMAGO “Inspiration” international Cinematographers Forums, alongside her Committee colleagues.


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