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The Best Work You May Never See

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Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014
The Best Work You May Never See: "Playthings" Carries Serious Message
A gun safety message from Evolve uses a bit of risque humor to make its point. Two young mothers talk about their sons who have gotten together for a play day. They are dueling with space swords--at least that’s what we assume until it’s revealed that both have sex toys in their hands. We’re than...
Friday, May. 16, 2014
Best Work: Sharing A Painful Past For Greater Good
Every year on May 4th and 5th, the Dutch reflect on World War II. May 4th is remembrance day for the victims of this devastating war. On May 5th the liberation from the German occupation is reflected upon and celebrated. Although it’s been nearly 70 years since World War II ended, there are many...
Friday, Apr. 18, 2014
The Best Work You May Never See: DDB NY Takes The Cake For NY Lottery
Friends and family are seated at a table in a darkened room that is partially illuminated by the lit candles on a birthday cake. At the head of the table is the birthday gal who is about to blow out the candles. Usually the only element of “suspense” in this scenario would be if the woman can...
Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
The Best Work You May Never See: Lady Luck Meets Opportunity On the Pier
“Luck be a lady tonight,” famously crooned the legendary Frank Sinatra. Fast forward to today and in that spirit the Lady Luck theme re-emerges in a California Lottery spot created by ad agency David&Goliath, El Segundo, Calif. In this :30, Lady Luck takes the form of a lovely, somewhat...
Friday, Jan. 24, 2014
Best Work You May Never See: Frozen Moment Delivers Chilling Message
We open on a car waiting at a stop sign. With his young son in the backseat, the driver looks to his right and sees a car approaching in the distance. He pulls his vehicle out to make a left onto the road, not properly judging just how fast the oncoming car is traveling. We appear headed for an...
Friday, Dec. 13, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Canines Croon To Keep A Leash On Cancer
Curtis Wehrfritz of Untitled Films, Toronto, directed this “We Are The World”-esque music video which gives a human voice to dogs as they sing in a recording studio to raise awareness of animal cancer. One in four dogs and one in eight cats currently die from cancer. Behind the video is Pet Trust,...
Friday, Dec. 6, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: California Lottery’s “When You Give, You Win”
The Guard Brothers of production house Smuggler directed this spot which is a tug-at-the-heartstrings departure from the lottery advertising norm. The spot centers on a quiet elderly man who works in a corporate mailroom. At quitting time, we follow his evening commute on a bus through town which...
Friday, Dec. 6, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Goldieblox’s “Princess Machine”
Sean Pecknold of The Academy (L.A., NYC, Seattle) directed this two-minute web film direct to client for GoldieBlox in which a precocious trio of girls construct a wildly creative Rube Goldberg-esque contraption. GoldieBlox’s debut commercial film, “Princess Machine” features the young trio rocking...
Friday, Nov. 29, 2013
New Web Short: Google’s “Laurent”
Greg Kohs of Backyard directed this Google Stories film Laurent Aigon: l’autre façon de voler or Laurent out of 72andSunny, Amsterdam. The 3:15 film tells the genuine story of a man who rediscovers his childhood obsession of flight by engineering his own fully functioning flight simulator. Kohs...
Friday, Nov. 22, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Boston Pizza's "Lost Words" From Bent Image Lab
Paul Harrod of Bent Image Lab directed this spot deploying felt animation in which a newlywed man receives from his bride a gift he doesn't want--a mounted singing fish. The gent fumbles with his words as he tries to fake that he's thrilled over the present. In the foreground, Boston Pizza...

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