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Friday, Jan. 19, 2001
"CD Changer"
A young man, let's call him "Joe Cool"—the epitome of vanity and egocentricism—sits in his convertible sports car. He's stopped at an intersection, which gives him much-needed time to glance in his side rear-view mirror to make sure that his hair is properly coifed. All is well, as every strand...
Friday, Aug. 25, 2000
Financial Outlook: Gay And "Nervous"
The scenario itself—sitting across the desk from a bank loan officer—is inherently stressful for the customer. But this time, it's the banker who appears perplexed and uneasy—and at first, we're not sure why. "You're both applying for a loan together?" asks the banking professional. "This is like a...
Friday, Aug. 25, 2000
Will it play in Peoria? What about Battle Creek, Michigan? In this case, the act in question is an animal tamer who's a poor man's Siegfried or Roy—take your pick. "Trainer" opens on the flashy would-be entertainer, clad in a gaudy white leisure suit and standing in a rolling green field. "I hear...
Friday, Aug. 18, 2000
Child Rearing: Instructions Not Included
Showing kids just being kids—playing hard and experiencing life—puts into perspective for parents what is really important. Yet another positive visualization enhances this perspective in "Reward," a Partnership For A Drug-Free America (PDFA) spot directed and designed by Diane Van Ussel of...
Friday, Apr. 7, 2000
This :30 opens on a church congregation that's being whipped up into a frenzy by a skillful evangelist. "Just as the sun rises every morning and winter changes into spring, we are all part of the greater plan," the preacher declares from his pulpit. Indeed he has the audience in the palm of his...
Friday, Apr. 7, 2000
Monkey Biz Is Scary In Anti-Smoking PSA
Monkey business becomes serious business in "Monkey," an anti-tobacco :60 for the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi directed by Chris Milk of bicoastal/international @radical.media for agency Maris, West & Baker (MW&B), Jackson, Miss. Reminiscent of a documentary from the '60s or '70s,...

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