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The Best Work You May Never See

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Friday, Aug. 2, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: New Zealand Telecom's "Waiting Is Over"
Michael Spiccia of Goodoil Films directed this :60 which captures a series of frozen moments depicting New Zealanders' most loved uses for the Internet and underscoring folks' need and demand for unadulterated, ultra-fast broadband. We see people experiencing movies online as well as a rock concert...
Friday, Jul. 26, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Ad Council/Keep America Beautiful's "Journey"
Victor Garcia of MJZ directed this PSA which takes us on the journey of a plastic bottle as it is kicked and pushed about the cityscape, backwoods, varied types of terrain. This bottle, though, has a dream which is conveyed in a female voiceover. "They said I couldn't dream," she says. "Called me a...
Friday, Jul. 26, 2013
New Short: Skype's "The Impossible Family Portrait"
Peking--the duo of Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick, who are with Station Film --directed three shorts, including The Impossible Family Portrait , in this Skype campaign out of agency Pereira & O'Dell . The Impossible Family Portrait tells the story of Denis who is separated from his...
Friday, Jul. 19, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Nedgroup Investments' "Safe Hands"
Director Ian Gabriel of Notorious LA directed this spot for South African client Nedgroup Investments featuring pilot Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger who became a national hero when he successfully ditched a passenger plane into the Hudson River off Manhattan in January 2009, saving the lives of...
Friday, Jul. 19, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Chumash Casino Resort's "You Too Are Chumash"
The team of Vogel & Wishart from production house Blacklist directed and designed this elegant spot showing the traditions built by the Chumash tribal people over the 8,000 years they've lived in the Santa Ynez Valley, Calif. The smooth transitions and watercolor properties of this commercial...
Friday, Jul. 12, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Christie Potato Thins' "Handsfree" Directed By Zach Math
Zach Math via Toronto production house Sons & Daughters directed this spot in which a man does everything with his feet--works, plays ping-pong, DJs--so his hands can continue dipping into a bag of light, crispy cracker chips called Christie Potato Thins. Yes, they taste that good. In fact, a...
Friday, Jul. 12, 2013
New Video: The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada's "The Story of I"
Wendy's and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada, have teamed up to promote adoption awareness and bring to light the 30,000 children in Canada's foster care system waiting to find loving, adoptive families. The non-profit charity created by Wendy's late founder Dave Thomas, who was...
Friday, Jul. 5, 2013
The Best Work You May Never See: Kristin Bauer van Straten for NKLA
Chris Wilcha of Park Pictures directed this tale of actress Kristin Bauer van Straten (from HBO's True Blood ) and her dog, Asher, who was an animal shelter rescue pet. She notes that there is a misconception that "a rescue is going to be damaged in some way." She then introduces us to her pooch...
Friday, Jul. 5, 2013
New Web Film: NerveTV's "Ghost Story"
David Shane of O Positive wrote and directed this web short in which a man who died young appears as a ghost trying to console his grieving girlfriend. We see him follow her about at the office, on the bus, at the gym and her apartment. He notes that it's been two years since his death and that she...
Friday, Jun. 28, 2013
New Online Spot: 23 Degrees' "Mohel"
Aleysa Young of Untitled Films , Toronto, directed this online spot in which an overly sleepy mohel is about to perform a circumcision, not exactly inspiring confidence on the part of the baby's family. This slice of unnerving life ends with an appeal from 23 Degrees: "Please don't forget your...

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