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Friday, Sep. 30, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Cat's Pride's "Pass Out Cat"
A tale of two cats--one with a smelly litter box, the other whose box is full of Cat's Pride kitty litter. The former feline approaches its litter box and passes out from the odor. The other cat comes to the rescue and administers CPR, reviving the cat from aromatic distress. Entailing the creation...
Friday, Sep. 23, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Director Martin Krejci, Mother Orchestrate "Playfight" For Ikea
A man who has nodded off on the couch gets whacked in the face with a stuffed animal in the opening moments of "Playfight," a 60-second commercial which cleverly and entertainingly promotes Ikea's line of bedroom furnishings in the United Kingdom. It turns out the man's wife, who would rather her...
Friday, Sep. 16, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Verizon's "Arena" Directed By Noam Murro Of Biscuit Filmworks
A resourceful woman does battle with a series of mechanical foes, each more formidable than the one prior. Ultimately she uses her machine--the Verizon Bionic Droid phone--to master the other machines. Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks directed for mcgarrybowen , New York. Visual effects house was...
Friday, Sep. 9, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Sony Handycam's "Family Vacation" Helmed By Christopher Riggert
Usually someone else's home movies are what you try to avoid seeing at all costs. If you're invited to someone's house for that purpose, you have a laundry list of excuses at the ready. But in this spot, home movies take on a new allure as a family goes on its vacation, shooting all the sights and...
Friday, Sep. 2, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Velveeta Cheesy Skillets' "Drive-Thru" Helmed By Martin Granger
A woman is about to jump out of the house and take the kids for some fast food. Upon opening her front door, she sees a blacksmith from yesteryear at her stoop. He holds a disconnected drive-thru restaurant squawk box in his hand. "Looking for this?" he asks rhetorically. He then offers an option...
Friday, Aug. 26, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: ESPN's "Decent Proposal"
This spot chronicles how a lass envisions how her dream man will propose marriage to her. At first, we see her as a little girl gabbing with friends under a tree about how her future husband will pop the question. That vision changes as she matures--yet each scenario remains wonderfully romantic...
Friday, Aug. 19, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: Aardman Animations' Sumo Science, W+K London, Go Fishing For Nokia
It's amazing what you can shoot with a Nokia N8 touch screen phone and a little ingenuity. Wieden + Kennedy , London, teamed up with directing duo Sumo Science of Aardman Animations , Bristol, England, to prove that point last year, producing "Dot," a stop-motion film that finds an itsy-bitsy girl...
Friday, Aug. 12, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: "Anticipation" for Rickard's Blonde Out Of Crispin Porter+Bogusky Canada
This spot meshes real-time and slow-motion footage to seamlessly create a world where a number of people in a bar become slo-mo "anticipators" who are captivated by a final drop of Rickard's Blonde beer falling from a tap. The collective Common Good from Radke Film Group , Toronto, directed "...
Friday, Aug. 5, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: McDonald's "Earth's Treasure"
We open in the hold of a cavernous futuristic spacecraft as alien creatures usher in a mysterious piece of cargo, presenting their spoils to a Centurion-like alien warlord. In subtitled alien language, one of them explains: "There is a place on Earth, cherished by billions." The creature continues...
Friday, Jul. 29, 2011
Top Spot of the Week: GM/MLK Monument's "Table"
Picture a long table that is seemingly endless, with seats for everyone. The table extends throughout the world, spanning varied cultures and people of all races, colors and creeds. And then imagine people coming to sit at this table as we hear Martin Luther King's inspiring "I Have A Dream" speech...

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