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Friday, Aug. 30, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: JCPenney's "Cafeteria"
Baker Smith of harvest introduces us to kids who envision how their first day of the school year will play out. In "Cafeteria" we meet a youngster who's grown over the summer and is looking to stake his claim. He walks through an empty cafeteria, setting the stage for what will be his first day...
Friday, Aug. 23, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Jell-O's "Comb Over"
Ulf Johansson of Smith & Jones Films directed this spot in which father and son bond, with the former explaining to the latter why he loves Jell-O pudding. The boy then pictures himself in the scenarios being related by his dad--another nightmarish day at work, which takes its toll sort of like...
Friday, Aug. 16, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Director Benjamin Weinstein Sends An Average Joe On A Sports Binge For MiO
From speed walking to scuba diving, a myriad of sports is portrayed in "Eye of the Squirter," a comical new Canadian spot that has an average guy named Calvin participating in all sorts of athletic endeavors while singing a customized version of the Survivor anthem "Eye of the Tiger." What's...
Friday, Aug. 9, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Jordan Brand's "Blake and Drain" Directed By Stacy Wall
Stacy Wall of Imperial Woodpecker directed this spot in which L.A. Clippers' superstar forward Blake Griffin plays a pickup game of basketball, inexplicably choosing as his teammate a youngster who calls himself D'arryl Drain, aka Dr. Drain. The lad's specialty comes in the form of high-arching...
Friday, Aug. 2, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Downy's "Forever Downy"
Pam Thomas directed this spot via Community Films which depicts the love of a T-shirt for what it means--first obtained by a young man when he has it thrown to him by a rock 'n roll performer from a concert stage. Later, we see his girlfriend touching that shirt which prompts him to take it off for...
Friday, Jul. 26, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Dick's Sporting Goods' "Every Snap" From Anomaly NY
Derek Cianfrance of @radical.media directed this insider's perspective on football, a follow-up to his in-depth look at the game of baseball depicted in the Dick's Sporting Goods' spot "Every Pitch." The subtle nuances and intricacies that go into football are chronicled as we see two teams on the...
Friday, Jul. 19, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Ad Council/Smokey Bear's "Campfire" Directed By Terry Timely
The team of Terry Timely (Ian Kibbey & Corey Creasy) from Park Pictures directed this PSA in which a woman goes over how to best put out a campfire by scrolling through instructions on her smartphone, making sure her guy has done it by the book. He has followed her directions to the letter and...
Friday, Jul. 12, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Mercedes-Benz's "Hair"
Bruno Bossi of Egg Films directed this spot in which a man is behind the wheel of his Mercedes, loving life and in particular his luxuriant mane. His perfectly coiffed hair seems to be a source of pride. He even runs his fingers through his lovely head of hair as he admires himself in his rearview...
Friday, Jul. 5, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Chinet's "The Lost Art of Getting Together"
Gaysorn Thavat of Grand Large Inc. directed this spot which opens on a woman walking through a museum's "Lost Art Exhibit." On display are human interactions, social gatherings, face-to-face contact--things of the past, since replaced by web connectivity, mobile devices and the like. The old-...
Friday, Jun. 28, 2013
Top Spot of the Week: Lexus' "Crowd"
Jonas �kerlund of Serial Pictures directed this spot in which a large audience--all dressed head-to-toe in black--pulses to a song being performed at an open-air concert. Standing out, though, in the crowd, are an attractive man and woman both dressed in white. They join together and escape the...

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