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Friday, Jul. 13, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Volkswagen Golf R's "Performance Cuber" From Deutsch LA
Chris Woods of Recommended Media directed this :60 online video centered on a race--between a precision driver putting the VW Golf R through its paces and Anthony Brooks, billed as being one of the world's fastest Rubik's Cube puzzle solvers. This "Fast vs. Fast" battle hinges on whether the VW...
Friday, Jul. 6, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Nissan Altima's "Enough"
David Shane of O Positive directed this spot which asks what life would be like if a horn tooted just when you're about to go too far. We see a guy benefiting from that audio alarm on various occasions--when he's about to go all in at the casino gaming table but then pulls back his chips when he...
Friday, Jun. 29, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Audi A6's "Click"
Filip Tellander of B-Reel directed this :40, shot in the rugged terrain and extreme climate of Iceland, which showcases the Audi A6 bio-turbo diesel's ability to make numerous decisions in the blink of an eye. The film captures the A6's cutting-edge technologies: rain sensors operating the wipers;...
Friday, Jun. 15, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: The Daniels, Absolute Let A Party Go To The Cats And Dogs For J20, BBH
The J20 juice drink is the perfect beverage to imbibe while socializing. In fact, it can make any gathering more fun, and even cats and dogs can get along while drinking it. That's the rather offbeat story we see played out in "A Bottle of Togetherness," a delightful new spot created by BBH London...
Friday, Jun. 8, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Fuze Tea's "Zoetrope"
Set within a lush, handcrafted backdrop of an idealized tea plantation with a crisp, clear river running through it, the television commercial for the Coca-Cola family's newest global brand promises a unique experience from the very beginning. Just as the music slowly fuses together additional...
Friday, Jun. 1, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Rexona's "Acknowledgement"
Directing duo 300ml of Park Pictures teamed with Buenos Aires production company Labhouse to give feet their long overdue due on behalf of client Rexona foot deodorant via Buenos Aires ad agency Ponce. This :60 shows how feet are snubbed time after time--a marathon runner whose winning medal gets...
Friday, May. 25, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Volkswagen Jetta's "Tree"
A man parks his Jetta under a tree, gets out of the car and closes the door. The latter action causes assorted balls--including a football and basketball--a kite, a toy airplane, even a baseball mitt to fall out of the tree. A little girl scurries up to the tree and looks upward, prompting the guy...
Friday, May. 18, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Director Mike Mills Teams With Goodby To Get "Stan" Out Of A Rut
The premise hardly sounds earth shattering on paper: a guy, a few years out of college and working his first job, is stuck in a rut until he starts drinking Corona Light. But a new 30-second spot for Corona Light called "Stan" and created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners , San Francisco, and...
Friday, May. 11, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Best Friends Animal Society's "Afraid of That" Directed By Frank Todaro
Frank Todaro of Moxie Pictures directed this PSA which starts out with a young lad and lass on the front porch of a house at night. They draw closer together and are about to have what looks like their first kiss--that is until the porch light comes on, prompting the boy to jump off the porch and...
Friday, May. 4, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Ad Council's "GED Pep Talk Center"
DDB Chicago and director Jesse Dylan of Wondros tap persuasive celebrities to motivate prospective GED recipients in the comical new :60 PSA "GED Pep Talk Center" for Ad Council, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and The PSA, for broadcast and in-cinema release, features celebs...

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