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Friday, Apr. 27, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Majestic's "Wear Your Hero"
Wearing your favorite baseball player's jersey brings you closer to that player--literally, in this spot for Majestic directed by Randy Hackett of No Smoke Films for Minneapolis-based agency Periscope . We open on a loyal fan opening his closet from which he pulls out Boston Red Sox slugger David...
Friday, Apr. 20, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Nicolai Fuglsig, Draftfcb, The Mill Team To Deliver The Whimsical "Bread"
A man pedals all around the world on his bike delivering gluten-free bread in a charming new spot for Dow created by Draftfcb Chicago and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig of bicoastal/international MJZ. It's a lovely journey made all the more remarkable by the fact that he is balancing a 12-foot high...
Friday, Apr. 13, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Motel 6's "Metamorphosis"
Motel 6 and agency The Richards Group recently joined forces with production company King and Country (K&C) to create a :30 that debuted as the centerpiece of the agency's cross-media campaign celebrating the brand's 50th anniversary. The Richards Group approached K&C with a simple idea:...
Friday, Apr. 6, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: MiO Energy's "Nose Job"
Hybrid human/animal creatures inhabit a bar, the initial focus being on a pair of chatty women--an ostrich and a giraffe lass who gossip about a friend who got a nose job for "medical reasons." Turns out the cosmetic surgery patient was a rhino whose horn is bandaged. The ostrich notes that she has...
Friday, Mar. 30, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Twinings' "Hill"
A woman makes her way through the fog-enshrouded woods. She slowly ascends up a hill to the top where her view is clear and she meets another women who turns out to be none other than herself in an idyllic setting. The message: Twinings Tea gets you back to being you. The beautifully animated spot...
Friday, Mar. 23, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Dir. Ringan Ledwidge, BBH Share A Modern Take on Three Little Pigs
There was a time when journalists fed the news to the public. But that's no longer the case in a digital age that finds tweeters and bloggers breaking stories. Well aware of the shift, the Guardian has embarked on a more modern form of newsgathering that has the venerable British newspaper relying...
Friday, Mar. 16, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Cartier's "Le Odyssee"
Bruno Aveillan (repped by Believe Media in the U.S.) directed via Quad Productions , Paris, this fantasy voyage in which a jeweled panther in a Cartier store comes to life and goes on a global odyssey from the Parisian salon of the Cartier maison in Rue de la Paix, with stops including snowy St...
Friday, Mar. 9, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese's "Diamond Jubilee" Directed by Hank Perlman
This deadpan, tongue-in-cheek slice of life takes us to a dinner table where three generations are eating--a boy with his dad and grandfather. The dad takes some macaroni and cheese off the plate of his son, much to the lad's chagrin. But do unto others and have done unto you takes hold as the dad...
Friday, Mar. 2, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Volkswagen Tiguan's "Sacrifice" Directed By Simon McQuoid
On the heels of its Super Bowl commercial "The Dog Strikes Back," Volkswagen broke this spot which focuses on safety. But like the Big Game ad, "Sacrifice" delivers its message with humor as we are introduced to a mother who is inexplicably driving a cheesy, somewhat sleazy green street racer, from...
Friday, Feb. 24, 2012
Top Spot of the Week: Target's "Color Changes Everything" From Director Filip Engstrom
Whether it's the spring bloom or a suburban living room, the addition of a little color can transform everything around it. And with a range of offerings, from throw pillows to tableware to dresses, Target's vibrant spring collection can refresh any space. Director Filip Engstrom of Smuggler...

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