3 Black Pencils Awarded On 2nd and Final Night of D&AD Ceremonies
Change the Ref's "The Lost Class" from Leo Burnett Chicago
Recipients are Leo Burnett Chicago, adam&eveDDB and Google; Burnett named Agency of the Year
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On the second and concluding night (5/26) of virtual digital ceremonies, D&AD awarded three Black Pencils, a honor reserved only for truly groundbreaking work. The Black Pencil recipients were:

--“The Lost Class,” Leo Burnett Chicago, Branding, Tactical
To fight for common sense gun laws, Leo Burnett Chicago for client Change the Ref held a graduation ceremony for the 3,044 students who would have graduated this year if they hadn’t been killed by a gun. 

--“Hopeline19,” adam&eveDDB, Creative Transformation, Engagement
On Emergency Services Day, adam&eveDDB launched Hopeline19 - a free phone service for the British nation to leave messages of support for frontline workers. 
--“Real Tone,” Google, Product Design, Inclusive
Real Tone is a collection of technical improvements to the Pixel 6 camera and Google Photos that more accurately and beautifully highlight the nuances of all skin tones.

Now in its 60th year, the D&AD Awards competition has grown to incorporate more than 40 categories judged by a cohort of nearly 400 of the world’s leading creative minds. The Awards recognize work that has made a significant impact and will inspire seasoned talent as well as the next generation. 

The second night of D&AD Award proceedings was also highlighted by Pencil winners across the remaining Craft categories including Illustration, Photography, Typography, and Writing for Design, Side Hustle, Design, Culture and Impact categories, as well as the Companies of the Year. (The Side Hustle category reflects the increasing number of creatives applying their skills and personal passions to side projects, something that has become even more apparent during the pandemic. From creating new businesses to developing initiatives to address social and environmental issues, this category aims to spotlight world class creativity beyond people’s day jobs.) 

The total number of Pencils in each of these second night awards ceremony categories (Side Hustle, Design, Culture & Impact and the remaining Craft categories) are: 
Craft: 45 Pencil Winners 

  • Illustration: 13
  • Photography: 5
  • Typography: 10
  • Writing for Design: 17

Design: 143 Pencil Winners

  • Branding: 30
  • Book Design: 9
  • Creative Transformation: 4
  • Digital Design: 15
  • Graphic Design: 22
  • Magazine & Newspaper Design: 13
  • Packaging Design: 22
  • Product Design: 14
  • Spatial Design: 9
  • Type Design: 5

Impact: 24 Pencil Winners 

  • Impact: : 21
  • Future Impact: : 3

Culture: 62 Pencil Winners

  • Entertainment: 40
  • Gaming: 10
  • Music Videos: 12

Side Hustle: 4 Pencil Winners


Companies of the Year

The top ranking design agency winners of the year are

  • Apple Design Team
  • Pentagram New York

The top ranking production company winners of the year are:

  • Division
  • Riff Raff Films
  • Iconoclast Germany

The top ranking advertising agency winners of the year are: 

  • Leo Burnett Chicago
  • Droga5 New York
  • Ogilvy UK

The top ranking clients of the year are: 

  • Apple
  • Change the Ref
  • Unilever


The top ranking countries are:  

  • United States - 403 winning entries
  • United Kingdom - 271 winning entries
  • France - 114 winning entries
  • Germany - 87 winning entries
  • Brazil - 78 winning entries


2022 Overall Results
The total number of Pencils awarded for the D&AD Awards 2022 (during awards ceremonies over both nights) by level are as follows:

Overall Total - 702 Pencils

  • Black - 5 Pencils awarded
  • Yellow - 78 Pencils awarded
  • Graphite - 188 Pencils awarded 
  • Wood - 421 Pencils awarded
  • Side Hustle - 4 Pencils
  • Future Impact - 3 Pencils
  • White - 2 Pencils
  • Collaborative -1 Pencil


D&AD COO Dara Lynch commented: “In the wake of political and social turmoil, creative excellence continues to not only survive, but thrive, as evidenced by the incredible talent we’ve seen at this years’ D&AD Awards. In the backdrop of what feels like a never-ending stream of global crises, it is incredibly reassuring to see that our community remains so resilient, and continues to move in a progressive and vibrant direction. We are delighted to have been able to celebrate this years’ winners alongside our global creative colleagues at our two virtual ceremonies this week, which we have continued to advance and improve, to ensure that each and every pencil winner is celebrated as they truly deserve to be”.
The President’s Award will be announced at a special in-person event in September to celebrate D&AD’s 60th Anniversary and to launch this year’s D&AD Annual. Further details will be announced shortly. 


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