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Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
Review: Bradley Cooper Makes Directorial Debut With "A Star Is Born"
It's hard not to go into "A Star Is Born " without a lot of prejudgments. Even if you haven't seen the other three versions, the mere fact that they exist, and with such formidable talent, is enough to make anyone scoff at the fact that Hollywood keeps dusting off this well-worn story about fame...
Monday, Oct. 1, 2018
Review: Director Tamara Jenkins' "Private Life"
The three things most couples fight about are said to be sex, money and kids. Tamara Jenkins has managed to up the ante for one stressed-out husband and wife by combining all of them in her latest movie. "Private Life " is a deeply personal — perhaps even invasive — look at the challenges facing...
Thursday, Sep. 20, 2018
Review: Director Wash Westmoreland's "Colette"
Wash Westmoreland's "Colette" is a very British movie about a very French feminist icon. A handsome and lively period film, it's too timid to capture the ravenous appetites of the literary force that was Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. But with Keira Knightley playing the prolific and trailblazing...
Thursday, Sep. 20, 2018
Review: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9"
"I hope he never does one on me," Donald Trump once said of Michael Moore. It was in 1998, on Roseanne Barr's syndicated talk show. Trump complimented Moore's "Roger & Me," a takedown of General Motors and its then-CEO, Roger Smith. "It's terrific," he said, then added he hoped never to be a...
Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2018
Phoenix, Reilly Bond In Director Audiard's "The Sisters Brothers"
To play any brother, by blood or not, of John C. Reilly is an intimidating prospect given just how firmly entrenched Will Ferrell is as Reilly's on-screen sibling. "Step Brothers," their 2008 comedy classic that took the adolescent adult to absurdist extremes, looms large. It did even for Joaquin...
Thursday, Sep. 6, 2018
Review: Director Pierre Morel's "Peppermint"
The insane revenge movie "Peppermint " starts to make a lot more sense when you realize that it was directed by the man who brought us "Taken" (Pierre Morel) and written by one at least partially responsible for "London Has Fallen" (Chad St. John). It's a movie in which the central character, Riley...
Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018
Review: Director Brian Henson's "The Happytime Murders"
It's almost reassuring that in today's often sanitized, assembly-line mainstream moviemaking that a film can be as crude, as off-brand and as bad as "The Happytime Murders." Almost. Starring Melissa McCarthy in a seedy, half-human, half-puppet Los Angeles, "The Happytime Murders" is an R-rated,...
Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018
Review: Director Michael Noer's "Papillon"
Danish director Michael Noer's "Papillon " remake, adapted from both Henri Charriere's autobiography and the 1973 Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman film, is a sumptuous-looking but slow-moving prison drama that at times will have you dreaming about an escape of your own. Charlie Hunnam stars as...
Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018
Review: Director Jesse Peretz's "Juliet, Naked"
"Juliet, Naked " is a charming and smart little film about early middle age, second chances, regrets and the intoxicating freedom of written correspondence that's nearly impossible to explain without either spoiling something or being willfully misleading. That's actually one of its attributes:...
Friday, Aug. 10, 2018
Mid-year Report Card: A Sense of Purpose, The Need For Inclusion
Craig Allen, head of integrated production, Venables Bell + Partners, observed, “It’s impossible to ignore today’s polarized society and the current state of distrust and uncertainty in the US, which affects who we look to for information and inspiration, and how we process messages too...

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