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Wednesday, Jul. 3, 2019
Review: Director Nick Broomfield's "Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love"
It's not exactly a hit parade, the songs that have been turned into movies. There was the shambling reconstruction of Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant," the fizzy pop of "Earth Girls Are Easy," the Sandra Bullock rom-com "Love Potion No.9." But digging into a Leonard Cohen song, as the...
Friday, Jun. 28, 2019
Review: Director Jon Watts' "Spider-Man: Far From Home"
Peter Parker might be forgiven for craving a vacation as "Spider-Man: Far From Home" begins. After an emotional and strenuous last few movies with the Avengers, a break sounds nice. "I didn't think I had to save the world this summer," he complains. But, you know the drill: With great power comes...
Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2019
Review: Director Danny Boyle's "Yesterday"
Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a soulful if brooding young man, with a very pleasant singing voice. But when we meet him, the fledgling songwriter and supermarket clerk from coastal England feels stuck in the middle of a hard day's night. If he doesn't get any help soon, he'll end up a real nowhere...
Monday, Jun. 24, 2019
Review: Director Alex Holmes' "Maiden" Documentary
Just over 30 years ago, a woman named Tracy Edwards had the idea to lead an all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. It wasn't exactly met with a groundswell of support, or any support, for that matter. The thing is, for a pastime that has so many feminine terms associated with...
Friday, Jun. 14, 2019
"Grace and Frankie" Creator Focused On What's Now and Next, Not Past "Friends"
Ask Marta Kauffman if there will be a "Friends" reunion someday, and the answer is a crisp "nope." Kauffman, who created the enduringly popular sitcom with David Crane and was an executive producer from start to finish, is focused on what's now and next, not what's past. She's moved on from the...
Thursday, Jun. 13, 2019
Review: Director Josh Cooley's "Toy Story 4"
It's futile to ask "why more" in the movie business, but it's hard not to go in a little suspicious of a fourth "Toy Story." The trilogy was so perfect. What more could we ask of Woody and Buzz? What more did we as an audience need? If we got another, would it live up to the unbridled joy and...
Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2019
Review: Director Tim Story's "Shaft"
The latest "Shaft ," which adds a new generation of bad mother------- to the mix, is not what you might expect. It's not gritty or raw or even attempting to be all that cool. Instead it maintains intoxicatingly upbeat sitcom-style energy, with gentrification jokes, generational jabs (mostly at the...
Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2019
Review: Director F. Gary Gray's "Men in Black: International"
Would any fictional gadget be more coveted by Hollywood executives than the memory-erasing "Men in Black" neuralyzer? Imagine the lucrative benefits of being able to, with a single flash, make moviegoers forget the film they just saw. Franchises would be endlessly renewable. IP could last forever...
Wednesday, Jun. 5, 2019
Review: Director Joe Talbot's "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"
"The Last Black Man in San Francisco " is deeply, even spiritually, connected to its home city, but Joe Talbot's film resides in such a dreamy, plaintive register that it feels like a broader lament for the displaced. It's an unrequited love story for an out-of-reach America. Jimmie Fails (the...
Wednesday, Jun. 5, 2019
Review: Director Chris Renaud's "The Secret Life of Pets 2"
If the sweet, animated 2016 film "The Secret Life of Pets" was mostly for kids, its new sequel might be for another segment of the audience altogether — whoever is buying the tickets. Amid the cute critter shenanigans, this one has plenty of lessons for the parents. Most of the same gang is back...

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