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Tuesday, Apr. 3, 2018
Review: Director John Curran's "Chappaquiddick"
Ambiguous and damning at once, John Curran's "Chappaquiddick" plunges us back into the summer of 1969: the season of Woodstock, the moon landing, the Manson murders and the lowest ebb of the Kennedy mythology. It was six years since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and a year since Bobby was...
Monday, Apr. 2, 2018
Review: Director John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place"
Let's start with a popcorn warning. If you're bringing your usual tub of multiplex popcorn into "A Quiet Place," just be aware that you'll be hearing every single crunch. That's because much of John Krasinski's ingeniously creepy new film, in which he stars alongside his real-life better half,...
Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018
Review: Director Peter Kunhardt Explores MLK's Challenging Final Years In HBO Documentary
When a figure is as fundamental to our history and national identity as Martin Luther King Jr., is there anything left to learn about him? Actually, it may be precisely because King is such a towering figure in our collective memory that we tend to focus on a few big moments — Montgomery,...
Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018
Review: Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One"
"Why can't we go backward for once?" wonders the protagonist of "Ready Player One" shortly before gunning his "Back to the Future" DeLorean in reverse. "Really put the pedal to the metal." Pressing rewind is, if anything, an understandable desire these days. But in today's reboot, remake-mad movies...
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018
Review: Steven Soderbergh's iPhone-Lensed "Unsane" 
Steven Soderbergh, who briefly retired from Hollywood after lamenting its timid small-mindedness, has shot his second post- hiatus film entirely on an iPhone. "Unsane," a pulpy psychological thriller, is an exercise in both genre and technology. It's a B-movie iMovie. And it's 98 minutes of proof...
Monday, Mar. 26, 2018
Cinematographers & Cameras: Insights Into "The Crown," "Strong Island," "Mindhunter," Spots
One DP just won his first career ASC Award—on the strength of his work on The Crown (Netflix). Another made key contributions to the heartfelt Strong Island (Netflix), which was nominated for this year’s Best Documentary Feature Oscar. And a third DP has spent a recent stretch focusing on spots...
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018
Review: Director Steven S. DeKnight's  "Pacific Rim Uprising"
At the end of the monsters-versus-robots flick "Pacific Rim," a breach at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is closed, plugging a hole that allowed hellish creatures to emerge and terrorize the globe. But after the movie earned $400 million worldwide, was that portal really going to stay closed? No,...
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018
Review: Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs"
There is an out-of-body melancholy that sets in about three quarters of the way through Wes Anderson's ninth feature "Isle of Dogs ." Yes, you will be inexplicably wrapped up in the drama of a gang of sickly stop-motion animated dogs who have been exiled to a trash island and are determined to get...
Monday, Mar. 26, 2018
Fresh Produce—Perspectives On Film, TV
From Peter Spears, a first-time producer turned Best Picture Oscar nominee for Call Me by Your Name, to a storied veteran, Mike Medavoy, chairman and CEO of Phoenix Pictures, whose filmography includes producing Zodiac, Shutter Island and Black Swan (which earned him a Best Picture Oscar nomination...
Monday, Mar. 26, 2018
Up-And-Coming Directors: Springing Forward With New Talent
SHOOT’s spring ensemble of up-and-coming directors includes: an obsessed skate video filmmaker who made a breakthrough at Sundance; and a helmer who established herself in London, has turned out some initial notable U.S. campaign work and is just taking on her first representation in the American...

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