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Short Takes

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Friday, Feb. 18, 2011
Short Takes
Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman's Playtone, along with Lexus' LStudio have launched web series The Three Minute Talk Show, which premiered last month on LStudio's Broadband Channel. The series, which debuts a new episode every Wednesday at , features everything that audiences have come...
Friday, Jan. 21, 2011
Short Takes
Calum deHartog's not like most commercial directors. He moonlights as a Toronto police officer. Seeing firsthand the ravages of the drugs and violence that run rampant in Toronto's inner city communities, he became inspired to help inner city youth tell their often harrowing stories through film...
Friday, Dec. 17, 2010
Short Takes
To the strains of Mozart's "Requiem D Minor V Sanctus," we see various spectacles leap through an elegant frame--connoting a TV screen. Among those breaking through the frame are a tiger, a football receiver extending himself to make a catch, a skier, a pair of martial artists in combat, a fire-...
Friday, Oct. 15, 2010
Short Takes
The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) and Toronto agency john st. have revealed that a five-week campaign featuring the virtues of broccoli was not for broccoli at all. Instead, it was designed to prove that television advertising can sell anything. Back in January 2010, a TV campaign aired for...
Friday, Sep. 24, 2010
Short Takes
Director Matt Smukler of Los Angeles-based HELLO! stirs up grade school nostalgia in the :60, "The Ropes," for Kraft Foods/Oreo out of Draftfcb , NY. The spot opens on an eager young student timidly walking down the hallway of his new school. Cut to an older, more seasoned student, who notices the...
Friday, Aug. 20, 2010
Short Takes
"Cubehead," a spot for Britvic's Drench bottled water, opens on a man sitting on a subway station bench. This is no ordinary gent: his face is divided into a dozen cubes, all of which are improperly placed. Realizing he needs to 'get himself together' before the train arrives, he begins shifting...
Friday, Jun. 18, 2010
Short Takes
Euro RSCG London, director Adam Berg of Stink and MPC London colorist Mark Gethin have teamed on a global film and TV spot fare for Dulux. A two-minute version has launched online, initiating the "Let's Colour Project, which is a global activation idea centred on a series of painting events that...
Friday, May. 7, 2010
Short Takes
Director Lance Acord of bicoastal Park Pictures recreates a historic moment at the infamous Robben Island Prison Camp in a new :30/:45 "Robben Island," for ESPN and FIFA World Cup out of Wieden + Kennedy , Worldwide. With affecting imagery and score, the spot focuses on the formation of a soccer...
Friday, Apr. 16, 2010
Short Takes
Mark Gilbert of Los Angeles-based production house HELLO! directed a droll "Missing Something" campaign for Sears Optical out of Chicago agency Sponge . One of the spots, "Dog Days," centers on a near-sighted man who fires up the backyard grill, lighting what he thinks is charcoal. But his visual...
Friday, Feb. 12, 2010
Short Takes
We start with an old fashioned coffee grinder which explodes, the parts somehow becoming meshed into a bicycle that forms before our eyes. A motor enters the picture and turns it into a motorbike and then adds two wheels to make it a Quadrilette. A mixer blends into the VLV--which was the first...

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