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Short Takes

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Friday, Sep. 25, 2009
Short Takes
Digital Domain (DD) has teamed up with director Carl Erik Rinsch and his German production company Markenfilm on a :45 TV commercial for Audi, via Hamburg-based agency Kempertrautmann . . "Intelligently Combined" opens on a minimalist museum space. Hanging in the middle of the spacious room is a...
Friday, Aug. 14, 2009
Short Takes
A man is about to move on from a campsite when his companion, a young lass, informs him that the once burning campfire is still smoldering. He responds that they did a good enough job of dousing the fire and it's time to get going. However, when he turns to see the woman's reaction, she is no...
Friday, Jul. 17, 2009
Short Takes
Director Keith Schofield of Caviar , Los Angeles/Brussels/Amsterdam, weaves cautionary tales of improper eating etiquette into the new :30 "Nature" for General Mills Fruit Stickerz via Saatchi N.Y. The spot facetiously reminds young snackers of the dangers of not following Stickerz's eating...
Friday, Jun. 19, 2009
Short Takes
Director Woof Wan-Bau of Nexus Productions , London, throws us on a crazy merry-go-round of child rearing, from birth to troublesome teen in "Le Cri," a spot for the Volkswagen Touran out of Agence V , Paris. Wan-Bau deployed a mix of live-action and stop frame animation, making rotational...
Friday, Apr. 24, 2009
Short Takes
Cinematic-style spots promoting the San Francisco Giants' 2009 season humorously play homage to classic film genres, wittily incorporating elements of Major League Baseball, including Giants star players. In "Interrogation" for example, we see mobster types in a meat locker/freezer seemingly about...
Friday, Mar. 20, 2009
Short Takes
Crossroads ' recently signed director Stuart Rideout helms a terrifying tale of Armageddon for the PS3's Resistance 2 game via Deutsch LA. The spine-chilling :60 titled "Resistance 2" cuts to menacing prophets from various periods in time including: the desert prophet, the oracle, the young...
Friday, Feb. 20, 2009
Short Takes
Talk about your conditioned Pavlov's response. In this spec spot directed, edited and conceived by The Hoffman Brothers (Mark and Matt) of Santa Monica-based harvest , it's not dogs that are salivating at the perceived promise of a reward but rather grown men who are turning tricks in return for a...
Friday, Jan. 30, 2009
Short Takes
Director Bram Coppens of production house Caviar , with shops in Los Angeles, Brussels and Amsterdam, breaks the ice in "Cayman," a :30 for Q-Music out of The Ideas Unit, Amsterdam. The commercial features the reverse explosion of a Porsche Caymen--made entirely of ice--as an attention-grabbing...
Friday, Dec. 19, 2008
Short Takes
Bicoastal Anonymous Content , in partnership with Broadband Enterprises (BBE), made another foray into original online content with the launch of the Anatomy of a Socially Awkward Situation (ASAS) website ( ) for Toyota, which debuted with a series of entertaining episodes...
Friday, Dec. 5, 2008
Short Takes
A youngster strums on a guitar when his big brother enters the room and throws him a motorcycle helmet. The two hop on a chopper and ride through city streets. However, no one is on those streets. They end up at a stadium to see a football game, but there's no one else in the stadium. In fact there...

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