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Friday, Feb. 19, 1999
Word at press time was that director Charles Wittenmeier is set to join bicoastal/international Propaganda Films...Bicoastal Holiday Productions has signed director Mike Lipscombe, formerly of RSA USA, for commercials and music videos. Holiday has also secured director Nick Brandt for music clips...
Friday, Feb. 12, 1999
Word at press time was that Kevin Townsend had stepped down last Friday (2/5) as general manager of commercial and feature effects at Pacific Data Images, Palo Alto, Calif....Director Lawrence OFlahavan, formerly of bicoastal HKM Productions, is set to resurface at a newly formed satellite of Metro...
Friday, Jan. 29, 1999
After just eight months in business, bicoastal Case Nydrle is breaking up, confirmed executive producer Carol Case, who cited "creative differences" with director Peter Nydrle as the reason for the split. Case Nydrle was backed financially by executive producer Bruce Mellon and feature film...
Friday, Jan. 22, 1999
Tracy Hauser is exiting her post as exec. producer at Sony Pictures Entertainments commercial division, Pavlov Productions, Culver City, Calif. She will be succeeded by Pavlovs head of production, Paul Kawasaki....Director Bill Scarlet has come aboard bicoastal OneSuch Films....Shadowrock...
Friday, Jan. 15, 1999
Stephanie Seligman, exec. producer on the East Coast and overall head of production for A Band Apart Commercials, bicoastal with a Minneapolis office, has left the company. At press time, she did not know her immediate plans. She said her departure was due to a difference in management style and...
Friday, Jan. 8, 1999
Extending its global reach, @radical.media has opened an operation in Sydney, Australia, complementing its footholds in London, New York and Santa Monica. The company also maintains a sales office in Paris....Los Angeles-based U Ground has entered into an association with Crossroads Films, the...

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