Ammolite Adds Director, Photographer, Creative Director Dana Trippe
Dana Trippe
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Hybrid creative and production studio Ammolite Inc. has added photographer, director, and creative director Dana Trippe to its roster. This marks her first U.S. commercial signing.

As a self-taught photographer, Trippe began her career in the fashion industry before quickly segueing into music. Known for her work with musical artists like Haim, Demi Lovato, and Willow Smith, Trippe often serves as the creative director throughout the entire creative execution of a project. This highly collaborative process allows her to get to know the artists on a deeper level and grow with them, resulting in an authentic expression of their singular artistic voice. 

“I love the creativity that exists within the music realm,” said Trippe. “Musicians have a direction on what they want their look and feel to be, so it’s fun to collaborate with them and help create a world of imagery that they can live within. I love being able to form ongoing relationships with artists and help them understand and grow their visions on a deeper level, while also evolving my own.”

Trippe’s work often references the retro futuristic aesthetic worlds of ‘70s B-movies and science fiction. She concepts her projects with postproduction in mind, creating conceptual foundations that support an amalgamation of practical and post elements, incorporating lighting techniques, set design elements, extensive post and often collage into her creations. 

Ammolite’s founder and CEO Emil Nava said of Trippe, “Her art is the perfect blend of edgy and bold imagery mixed with high-fashion and refined beauty.” 


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