Barking Owl Scores 1st In Top Ten Tracks Chart
Music supervisor Jessica Dierauer
Girl storms the court for Reebok, Venables Bell & Partners

Created by San Francisco-based agency Venables Bell & Partners, Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign kicks off with “Storm the Court,” a film featuring an unexpected, and seemingly uninvited guest, a girl with an other worldly vibe, who interrupts a pick-up basketball game--stopping street smart male players in their tracks. 

This lass clearly travels to the beat of her own drummer--but in this case, it’s an offbeat beat we can literally hear as she unfurls a bit of inspired, strange choreography. A basketball player has stopped his shot in mid-release and eventually starts to move to the beat of the girl--as do game onlookers, even extending all the way to a guy in his apartment looking out of his second story window.

The film showcases the Reebok Aztrek Double, an all-new update to the brand’s original all-terrain adventure shoe from 1993.

Tom Noakes of PRETTYBIRD directed and Larkin Seiple lensed “Storm the Court” with music supervision, sound design and audio post from Barking Owl in West Los Angeles. The music track was “Prayer Hands” by A-Trak and YehMe2. Editor was Shane Reid of Exile.

“Storm the Court” topped SHOOT’s quarterly Top Ten Tracks Chart. Music supervisor Jessica Dierauer working alongside the Barking Owl ensemble which included creative director/partner Kelly Bayett, sound designer Morgan Johnson, producer KC Dossett and audio post engineer AJ Murillo.

Creative challenges
Music supervisor Dierauer reflected on the Reebok piece, sharing, “The biggest challenge was finding something that was as irreverent and cheeky as the agency’s and director’s vision for the spot. This track (‘Prayer Hands’) was in the first round that I sent over when they were in pre-production. It felt a bit like a wildcard and maybe too absurd but I loved how hypnotic and mystical it was. Really seemed like it was her inner monologue. The music itself felt like it was freaking the genre and taking the piss out which worked so well with the concept."

Barking Owl creative director/partner Bayett added, “The music was an edit that Shane Reid, the editor did. He is an incredible music editor and just nailed it.” 

Meanwhile from sound designer Johnson’s perspective, “one of the biggest challenges was not overdoing it once the storm girl is revealed. I feel like we could’ve easily gone too far making the sounds too intense or menacing. But in the end I think we achieved a nice balance of strangeness and realism which helps to keep your attention drawn. But most of all it was just fun to work on. Allie (Nordstrom who is Venables Bell & Partners’ sr. art director) and Elliot (Nordstrom, sr. copywriter for the agency) were amazing to work with and really had a clear vision of what they wanted.” 

In addition to the Nordstroms, the Venables Bell & Partners team included executive creative director Will McGinness, creative director Byron Del Rosario, director of integrated production Hilary Coate, producer Namrata Abhyankar, associate partner/head of strategy Michael Davidson, and sr. strategist Dylan Phillips.

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Client Reebok International Agency Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco Paul Venables, founder, chairman; Will McGinness, executive creative director; Byron Del Rosario, creative director; Allie Nordstrom, sr. art director; Elliot Nordstrom, sr. copywriter; Hilary Coate, director of integrated production; Namrata Abhyankar, producer. Michael Davidson, associate partner, head of strategy; Dylan Phillips, sr. strategist; Raquel Bedard, director of Lumberyard Production PRETTYBIRD, Culver City, Calif. Tom Noakes, director; Kerstin Emhoff, co-founder/exec producer; Rika Osenberg, head of production; Julie Sawyer, producer; Larkin Seiple, DP; Jason Hougaard, production designer. Editorial Exile, Santa Monica, Calif. Shane Reid, editor; CL Weaver, exec producer; Jennifer Locke,  head of production; Michael Miller, sr. producer; Kyle Behrens, Jay McConville, Erin Mccaffrey, assistant editors. VFX/Finishing Framestore, Los Angeles James Razzall, president, advertising, North America; Bethan Thomas, director of production & operations; Aron Hjartarson, executive creative director; Ben West, Chris Waitt, creative directors; Georgina Poushkine, integrated advertising producer; Raul Ortego, sr. Flame/lead artist; Humberto Reynaga, Toby Brockhurst, Flame artists; Jose Alvarado, VFX coordinator; Jamie Runkle, production coordinator; Telecine Color Collective, NY Alex Bickell, colorist; Alex Jimenez, color assistant; Claudia Guevara, exec producer. Music/Sound Design Barking Owl, West Los Angeles Track: “Prayer Hands” by A-Trak and YehMe2; Kelly Bayett, creative director/partner; Jessica Dierauer, music supervisor; Morgan Johnson, sound designer; KC Dossett, producer. Audio Post Barking Owl, West Los Angeles AJ Murillo, engineer; Eolyne Arnold, assistant Exile, Santa Monica, Calif.  Shane Reid, music edit


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