CoMPANY Signs Director Nolan Goff For Spot Representation 
Nolan Goff
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Director Nolan Goff has signed with CoMPANY Films for spot work in the U.S. Goff’s body of work includes commercials for Nike, Lululemon, Lebron Jame’s Ladder Nutrition and most recently, Peloton.

“Nolan (Goff) found early success as an agency creative here on the West Coast and that’s no easy task,” said executive producer Ron Cicero who heads CoMPANY along with EP Richard Goldstein. “That he then gained the trust of clients like Nike and Peloton to direct the work was even more impressive. For a relatively new director to approach us with that kind of reel--that isn’t spec--is almost unheard of.”

Goff leapt from video village to the director’s chair on a dare, writing and directing the short film titled Nobody Knows. The performance-heavy drama found success on the festival circuit and his fellow creatives started to take his new role as a filmmaker seriously .

Goff began his commercial career nurturing content as creative director/director at L.A. based agency Matte Black. It was here that he further refined his approach to storytelling. “Branding and spot work demand that you know how to tell better stories,” said Goff, who grew up in Texas, then moved to Los Angeles after realizing that he wanted to be “one of those people behind the scenes that gets to make the choices.”

Goff said he loves the collaboration in spot work, especially casting for today’s lifestyle brands. “It’s our responsibility to reflect the demographics for any particular project while involving the audience on a highly emotional level,” he noted. “I’m in a very good place, having pitched creative, and then getting to direct it on set.”

CoMPANY becomes the first official commercial production house roost for Goff.


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