DGA Award Spot Nominees: Ridley Scott, Fredrik Bond, Spike Jonze, Mark Molloy, Dougal Wilson
Spike Jonze of MJZ won last year’s DGA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Commercials. He is now nominated again for the same honor (photo by Shane Karns/courtesy of DGA).
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MJZ leads the way with two of its directors--Fredrik Bond and Spike Jonze--scoring nominations for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials for 2019. This marks Bond’s ninth career nomination, and Jonze’s fourth.

Jonze won the DGA Award last year for Apple’s “Welcome Home.” He has three DGA career nods for commercials, and a fourth in the feature competition for Being John Malkovich in 1999.

All of Bond’s nods have come for his commercialmaking.

Yet the commercial nominee this year with the richest DGA Awards lineage is none other than Sir Ridley Scott of Scott Free (TV, features) and RSA Films (commercials, branded content). Back in 2017, Scott had bestowed upon him the 35th Directors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Christopher Nolan, Billy Crudup and Michael Fassbender. Scott was also nominated for DGA’s Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures Award for Thelma & Louise in 1992, Gladiator in 2001, Black Hawk Down in 2002 and The Martian in 2016.

Rounding out the field of spotmaking nominees this year are: Mark Molloy of Smuggler, and Dougal Wilson of Furlined. Both Molloy and Wilson garnered their first career Guild nominations.

Wilson’s nod came for AT&T’s “Train” out of BBDO New York.

Molloy was nominated for Apple’s “Underdogs.”

Scott’s spot nomination was on the basis of Hennessy X.O.’s “The Seven Worlds” out of DDB Paris.

Jonze became a DGA nominee for the fourth time on the strength of Medmen’s “The New Normal” from agency Mekanism, and Squarespace’s “Dream It.”

Bond’s ninth DGA nod came for three spots: HP Elite Dragonfly’s “Lighter Than Air” from MediaMonks, Coca-Cola Light’s “Take It Lightly” out of Ingo, Stockholm, and Apple iPhone’s “Nap.”

The winner will be announced and honored at the 72nd Annual DGA Awards on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. 

Here’s a full rundown of the nominees for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials for 2019 (in alphabetical order):

Lighter Than Air, HP Elite Dragonfly - MediaMonks
Unit Production Manager: Line Postmyr
First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn

Take it Lightly, Coca-Cola Light - Ingo

Nap, iPhone - Apple
Unit Production Manager: Line Postmyr
First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn
Second Assistant Director: Heather Anderson

Dream It, Squarespace – Squarespace
First Assistant Director: Thomas Smith

The New Normal, Medmen – Mekanism
First Assistant Director: Thomas Smith
Second Assistant Directors: David Marnell, Jeff Tavani

Underdogs, Apple – Apple

(RSA Films)
The Seven Worlds, Hennessy X.O. - DDB Paris

Train, AT&T - BBDO NY
First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn
Second Assistant Director: Aaron Fitzgerald


Client Hennessy Thomas Moradpour, Michael Aidan, global CMOs; Antoine Varlet, global CMO deputy. Agency DDB Paris Alexander Kalchev, executive creative director; Pierre Mathonat, Alexis Benbehe, creative directors; Quentin Moenne Loccoz, TV producer; Xavier Mendiola, managing director. Production RSA Films Ridley Scott, director; Debbie Garvey, EP/producer; Dariusz Wolski, DP; Kai-lu Hsiung, managing director; Raymond Kirk, 1st AD; Marc Homes, production designer; Charlotte Law, costume designer; Polly Earnshaw, makeup. 75 Paris Emmanuel Guiraud, managing director; Annabelle Fournier, exec producer. Stillking, Prague Lida Ordnungiova, producer. Editorial Jim Weedon, editor. VFX MPC London Carsten Keller, head of CG; Ryan Jefferson Hays, creative director; Boyo Frederix, 3D supervisor; Rod Norman, 2D supervisor; Selcuk Ergen, head of FX; Tomek Zietkiewicz, producer. (Toolbox: Nuke, Nukestudio, Maya, Arnold, Houdini) Sound Production  The, Grand Central Recording Studios Daniel Pemberton, composer; Oliver Tarney, sound designer; Jerome Alquier, head of music; Raja Sehgal, sound mixer. Color Company 3 Stephen Nakamura, colorist; Mark Huffam, supervising producer.


Client AT&T Agency BBDO David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, NY; Matt Macdonald, group executive creative director; David Povill, David Cuccinello, executive creative directors; Kevin Mulroy, Dan Kenneally, creative directors; David Rolfe, director of integrated production; Julie Collins, group executive producer; Jessica Coccaro, executive producer. Production Furlined Dougal Wilson, director, composer; Diane McArter, president; Benjamin Davies, VP; David Thorne, sr. exec producer; Karen O’Brien, line producer; Joost Van Gelder, DP; Jahmin Assa, production designer. Editorial Final Cut Joe Guest, editor; Suzy Ramirez, exec producer; Ana Orrach, Jamie Lynn Perritt, producers; Zoe Schack, assistant editor. Color MPC LA & London Jean Clement Soret, color supervision; Ricky Gausis, Matthieu Toullet, colorists; Leianna Campbell, color producer; Meghan Lang, Ellora Chowdhury, exec producers. VFX Method Studios, Santa Monica, Calif.  Benjamin Walsh, sr. VFX supervisor; Pip Malone, sr. producer; Ian Holland, 2D lead; Rus Brutsche, CG supervisor; Toma Bowen, comp supervisor; Tim Ranck, lead animator; Vladislav Tushevskiy, lead FX; Josephin Peichl, coordinator. (Toolbox: Flame, Nuke, Houdini, Mantra, Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop) Stop-Motion Animation House Special, Portland, Ore.   Lourri Hammack, EP; Kirk Kelley, creative dir; Paul Harrod, animation dir; John Nolan, DP and motion control; Rebecca Bowen, sr. producer; Rex Carter. Flame artist; Cam Williams, editor; Alvaro Cubillas, head of prodn; Casey Follen, project coordinator; Stephen Bodin, character design, background/environment design; Felicie Haymoz, Gee Staughton, character designers; Toby Froud, sculptor; Andy Berry, associate art dir; Shami Lang-Rinderspacher, armaturist; Mattzilla Duron, Teresa Huarte, Bryan McIntyre, Katie Mello, Margaret Meyer, Daniel Miller, Laurie Olson, character fabricators; Elodie Massa, Sara Newman, costumers; Polly Robbins, painter; Chris Caniglia, Jake Hauswirth, Javid Howell, Zach Sheehan, Gee Staughton, set fabricators; Alan Long, laser op; Clay Connally, second DP; Amy Adamy, Chris Ohlgren, Suzanne Twining, anmiators; John Corbett, Nuke compositor. (Toolbox: Dragonframe (w/Volo moco cranes), Nuke, Flame, Avid, Creative Suite) Music JSM Music Joel Simon, CEO/CCO/composer; Jeff Fiorello, exec producer; Nathan Kil, composer. Audio Finishing Formosa John Bolen, mixer/sound designer; Lauren Cascio, exec producer.


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