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Directing Duo The Coles Joins Hey Wonderful
Directing duo The Coles consisting of Walker (l) and Sophie Cole.
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RSA’s Hey Wonderful has signed directing duo The Coles comprised of 20-something siblings Sophie and Walker Cole. The Coles recently wrapped production on a client-direct online film and are currently bidding their first project with Hey Wonderful.

The Coles burst onto the directing scene last year with smart, sleek spec commercials for Fiat, Nike and Evian. Fiat’s “Wingman” features a tireless good-natured bachelor bending over backwards to land a date without success, until he finally dangles a ride in his new Fiat to close the deal. Nike’s “Symphony” is strikingly black and white with graphic composition to spotlight both tennis balls and a man’s sneakers in a crescendo of motion. And in Evian’s “Live Young,” we observe a leathery older gent in real time as he bakes poolside. He convincingly rejuvenates himself by spritzing with the mineral water.

The Coles were drawn to Hey Wonderful by founder/managing director Michel Di Girolamo and executive producer Sophie McMurray. “We liked the idea of a creative boutique with passionate leaders who are really invested in our careers,” Walker said. “When we first met Michael D a couple years ago at one of my art shows, we loved his infectious energy.”

Sophie Cole added, “Once we were ready to pursue commercial representation, Michael was one of the first people we thought of. We were very impressed with his background in the business, especially how he has championed directing talent over the years. Then we met Sarah who has produced some of our favorite recent work. The fact that Hey Wonderful is part of the RSA family of companies sealed the deal. We know we’re in good hands with Michael and Sarah.”

The Coles are also avid still photographers, and shoot on film. Their work features Angelenos such as Dylan Penn and composer Charles Derenne in Hollywood Golden Age-styled portraits at The Ivy and Nobu Malibu. The Coles work, beautiful and stylized, but irreverent and tongue-in-cheek, complements their perception of themselves.

Sophie said, “If we’re approaching something serious, we like to add a touch of lightness, and if it’s comedy, we include some heart.”

Walker related, “While we enjoy the process and delivering the best possible films, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.”

The Coles were born in Manhattan and grew up in the Connecticut suburbs. They have advertising in their DNA—their father is veteran commercial director Charlie Cole, and their uncle is prominent ad man Charlie Miesmer, a former ECD at BBDO NY.  Both Sophie and Walker attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where Sophie graduated with a degree in Art History and Walker, a degree in English Literature. Sophie began working as a costume designer on films and commercials, and Walker was an art dealer in Los Angeles.  Both traveled extensively, then began writing commercial scripts together. They realized film was the medium where their talents perfectly meshed.