Directing Duo Plummer/Strauss Joins kaboom
Martin Strauss (l) and Justin Plummer, aka Plummer/Strauss
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Production house kaboom has added directing duo Plummer/Strauss (Justin Plummer, Martin Strauss) to its roster. The signing follows a collaboration late last year on Salesforce’s “This Is A Mask,” a bold, fast-paced narrative about the importance of teamwork to get things done. 

“When we commit to directors, I need to believe in the people as much as their talent,” said kaboom owner/executive producer Lauren Schwartz. “These guys are really special--and collaborating on Salesforce only reinforced what I have felt for a long time. Their warmth and enthusiasm is matched with a breadth of knowledge, amazing treatments and impeccable preparation with gorgeous results on screen.”

Messrs. Plummer and Strauss are directing partners known for embracing classic cinematic techniques to create stylized imagery for films and branded content. They met while studying film production at San Francisco State University, united by a mutual passion for visual storytelling. From the first student project, the die was cast and they joined forces as a directorial team.

Strauss has roots at kaboom, having interned for the company during college. He credits that experience as being akin to a graduate program in advertising production. He and Schwartz kept in touch as Plummer/Strauss expanded its creative reach--first with an award-winning short film on the festival circuit and later with branded content collaborations. 

Plummer/Strauss made a major splash when gaining inclusion into the 2014 SHOOT New Directors Showcase. The duo went on to direct spots for Comcast, O2, Ralph Lauren, Ben & Jerry’s, Jim Beam, Cisco, The United Nations and Dell. Production house affiliations prior to kaboom for Plummer/Strauss were Raucous Content and earlier Bullitt.

“Joining kaboom is kind of like a homecoming--for me especially--and the feeling of camaraderie and belonging is an important part of the decision,” commented Strauss. “It’s San Francisco roots with a national point of view, which is what we have too.”

Plummer added, “Working on Salesforce together really showed us that we view collaborations and the creative process in the same way. They revel in digging deep into the process and being there every step of the way--partners in a true sense.”

Plummer/Strauss is already in pre-production on a project at kaboom.


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