Directing Duo TOMAT Joins ALTERED.LA For General & Hispanic Market Representation In U.S. 
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Production company ALTERED.LA has brought directorial duo TOMAT aboard its roster for U.S. representation spanning the general and Hispanic markets. Specializing in filmmaking, design, postproduction and photorealistic special effects--as well as eliciting top-drawer performances from actors, celebs and non-actors--TOMAT has among its high-profile clients the likes of Coca-Cola, Amazon and Netflix. The duo is keen to further extend its reach into the U.S. film market while continuing to offer production and postproduction services from their home base in Brazil. 

Formed in 2011 by directors Mateus Araujo and Tomas Salles, TOMAT has made its mark on the awards show circuit, winning a Bronze Lion at Cannes for energy drink Flying Horse’s “Cat-Toast.” And the directors went on to earn another honor at Cannes in 2019, this time a Media Grand Prix with the “Nike Graffiti Stores” campaign. Prior to joining ALTERED.LA, TOMAT was repped in the U.S. by production house Easy Mondays.

Prior to launching TOMAT, Araujo and Salles enjoyed success as individual directors, having both emanated from the VFX world. Beginning his career in New York as a compositing artist and postproduction supervisor, Araujo freelanced for wide range of top design companies, including FDG, USA Channel and Comedy Central. As a director, Araujo went on to win a best pop music video MTV Video Music Award in 2006. 

Similarly, Salles comes from a 3D background and worked for eight years in New York for various companies, including PSYOP/Massmarket, NY BUCK, Artjail and The Mill NY,  where he served as a 3D supervisor. After graduating with honors from NYU’s Digital Imaging and Design, Salles saw his 35 mm short Equilibrio earn him the honor of being the first student selected for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and Stash Magazine. The film went on to win the Create and Summershort awards hosted by Student Filmmaker Magazine.

With a visual style rooted in compelling graphics and CG, TOMAT is currently working on its biggest music video project yet, an ambitious three minute piece full of practical and digital visual effects. The project is set to be released in March 2023. In addition, the duo has a feature film in the works, inspired by a famous Brazilian comic book from the ‘80s called “Vira-Lata”.

With a passion for cars and cinematography, as reflected in vast automotive work for brands such as Honda, Ford and Audi, the versatile directors are looking forward to expanding their reach through ALTERED.LA’s network of representatives and producers.

In a joint statement, Araujo and Salles shared, “As an international directing duo, we feel that ALTERED.LA brings a varied and inclusive feel to their work. ALTERED.L.A. Is the right fit due to their experience in the U.S. general market as well as in the expanding Hispanic market. In an ever-changing production landscape, we were looking for a company that has values that are in sync with the fresh, multicultural view we bring to our work.”

Marcos Cline, founder and executive producer at ALTERED.LA, said, “More and more we receive requests for directors who are versatile, meaning they can direct comedy but also running shots of sheet metal all while being mindful of VFX integration as well.” Cline assessed that TOMAT fits the bill on all those fronts and more which may be why “they’re one of the most sought after directors in their native Brazil.“


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