Director David Findlay Joins Les Enfants For His First Spot Representation
David Findlay
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Director David Findlay has landed at his first commercial production house roost, joining the roster of Montreal-based Les Enfants which will handle him in the territory of Quebec (French-Canada). Findlay, who earned a slot in SHOOT’s 2019 New Directors Showcase on the strength of his short film Laura Lemerveil, is no stranger to Les Enfants. The company helped produce the Findley-helmed spec piece, You Know Where You Belong, a visual poem celebrating the mind of the restless, which was featured in SHOOT’s ScreenWork section last October. 

Céline Ceillier, partner/EP of Les Enfants, said, “What immediately stood out to us about David upon encountering his work is his innate sensibility for sculpting nuanced, yet evocative images. His talents, passion and drive make of him a unique artist with a distinct voice, especially in the French-Canadian market. We couldn’t be more proud to be welcoming him into the fold.”

Findlay related, “On top of being associated with directors I’ve looked up to for so long such as Maxime Giroux, Louise Archambault and Ivan Grbovic, Les Enfants feels like a match on a personal level, which I think is the most important thing. In the last year, they’ve already supported two personal projects of mine and in that time we were able to get to know one another, build trust and find that we are very much on the same wavelength creatively. Very excited for what the future holds.” 
The other personal project alluded to by Findlay is a new short film that wrapped at the beginning of March; Les Enfants produced it alongside Paris company Control Films.

Here is the aforementioned You Know Where You Belong:


Production David Findlay, director; Joaquin Cardoner, Mia Metz, Sultan Al Saud, producers; OPC, exec producers; Shelby Manton co-producer. Made in association with Boldly & Les Enfants. Farhad Ghaderi, DP; Kathleen Loski, production designer; Joseph Carney, 1st assistant director; Nina Maidment, stylist. Casting VAKA Katrin Braga, casting. Editorial Alexander Farah, editor. Sound Design Mitchell Allen Audio Mix Vapor Art Mullin Color Sam Giling, colorist. Cast Emma Johnson, Joe Dion Buffalo, Tatenda Hatugari, Tony Giroux, Andres Joseph, Dora Prieto, Sam Gilling, Tarique Imani Atkinson, Shar Michelle, Epik Bothe, Classic Bothe, Era Bothe, Chris Garnier, Nicole Harney, Jad Al Arid, Charmaine Wilson, Jazmine Campanale, Donald Sales, Jasmine Mander, Linda Watters, Nelson Wong, Amy King, Ivan Rickardliow, Cora Hall Special Thanks Adam Osten at Panavision, Jean-Sébastien Chambonnet at Mels, Anne Hubbell at Kodak, Alyssa Sinclair at Vapor, Anita Cirillo at Gallery Jones, Max Bailey, Paul Snider, Sarah McCarthey, Céline Ceillier


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