Director Hannah Bon Joins Riff Raff For Representation In U.S. and U.K.
Hannah Bon
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Director Hannah Bon has come aboard the roster of Riff Raff for representation in the U.S. and U.K. spanning commercials, branded content and music videos. She had previously been handled in the U.S. by Black Dog Films for music videos and select branded projects.

Bon was born in Japan, raised in Holland, the U.K. and Brazil and is currently based in Los Angeles. Her cinematic work is inspired by her Japanese heritage, bold color, fashion and surrealism, and leans into an unconventional, strange, and sensorial world.

Bon is able to toggle between eccentric tongue-in-cheek and subtle and visceral style. Constantly exploring new techniques to incorporate into her work, she’s currently obsessed with 3D animation/modeling.

Bon has worked with Warner Records, RCA and Columbia Records and has recently directed music videos for artists such as Q, Ricky Montgomery and Isaac Dunbar.

Her film, Paired Flowers, received a Silver at the 1.4 Film Festival and her film, REPLICA, won Best Fashion Film at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. 

Bon speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Matthew Clyde, managing EP, Riff Raff, said, “Hannah and I were both of our meetings, after a series of WhatsApp’s, mainly containing ‘???,” we eventually found our way to a coffee, twice. I knew from her website she was the right fit for Riff Raff, and once we sat at a table I was convinced. We welcome Hannah as part of our L.A. family bringing that rare sensibility of off-kilter cool that is both genuine and inclusive. Multi-lingual, multi-faceted, singular vision.”


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