Director Jeremy Charbit Joins Station Film For U.S. Commercial Representation
Jeremy Charbet
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Bicoastal Station Film has added director Jeremy Charbit to its roster for commercial representation in the U.S.

Repped in all other markets outside the U.S. by Paris-based production house to the moon and back, Charbit--who was born in Marseille in the South of France--is known for storytelling that is visually driven and beautifully art directed and styled, particularly in the beauty and fashion categories. His most recent spot for Air France’s Joon for BETC Paris helped the brand establish its visual identity through vibrant color, graphic compositions and an eclectic Millennial cast; they dance in an impeccably designed setting to highlight the comfortable features and convenient digital technology of Joon. Charbit has also directed well received ads for brands such as Kusmi Tea, Citroën, Sephora and L’Oréal.

“Jeremy’s work is visually elegant and energetic and always fun to watch,” said Caroline Gibney, partner/executive producer, Station Film. “He’s a great addition to our roster as a contemporary visual storyteller, with deep experience in the fashion and beauty realm. He’s also a great collaborator and a lovely guy.” 

Charbit said he was drawn to the “friendly rapport” at Station. “As a director, it was a great sign for our future creative conversations. I instantly liked their roster and really appreciated that their productions are very well crafted. Working in fashion and beauty, that’s very important to me.” 

Charbit’s commercial work reflects his career-long focus on visual innovation, which began while he studied cinema and contemporary art at ESEC Paris. It is also inherent in his well-honed technique as a photographer and expertise working with CGI. He counts cinema legend David Lynch and pioneering new media artist Bill Viola among his inspirations.

“I’m very focused on the details,” Charbit explained. “I try to keep some elegance and emotion to the story. It’s not only about composition and colors. An emotion might be found in one intimate close up or a sound effect. Even a hand or some hair can express a whole feeling, a direction.”

His Epica and Effie-winning Kusmi Tea campaign includes “Prince Vladimir,” a commercial featuring a royal couple in a balletic underwater dance where flowing fabric and graceful limbs give the illusion of endless motion in space. Charbit shot the spot for Paris agency Quai Des Orfévres with no special effects, instead building an underwater set where he captured his actors enjoying the moment as they performed with huge pieces of fabric. His client-direct Citroën “C3” features a cross-section of youth culture across an alluring cityscape with the Citroën as a natural extension of their lifestyle.

“We’re looking forward to introducing Jeremy to our clients in the states,” said Stephen Orent, managing partner, Station Film. “His work walks the line between elegant and sophisticated and very relatable. It’s a great combo and we look forward to bringing him exciting new projects.”


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