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Director Jordan Brady Hits The Road With Feature Documentary "I Am Battle Comic"
Director Jordan Brady
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Director Jordan Brady has embarked on a stand-up comedy tour of sorts--one in which the featured attraction is I Am Battle Comic, his thought-provoking documentary about stand-up comedians on a mission to entertain American troops on duty in the Middle East. The film was screened on April 5 in Detroit, the first stop on a tour sponsored by Superlounge--the commercial production company co-founded by Brady--with all the proceeds going to charities that support troops and their families. Upcoming are screenings in Dallas (4/25), Houston (4/26), Phoenix (4/27), Los Angeles (5/2), Las Vegas (5/31) and Minnapolis (6/1).

Additionally, several tour stops will have after the screening a panel discussion featuring Brady and several of the comedians, each session moderated by a notable ad agency artisan. The Detroit panel moderator, for instance, was Chuck Meehan, EVP/executive creative director, Doner. Scheduled to moderate the Dallas discussion on April 25 is Kevin Sutton, group creative director, Moroch Partners. And the moderator in Los Angeles will be David Angelo, founder and chairman, David&Goliath.

Then on June 2, I Am Battle Comic will be available for digital download worldwide, with 50 percent of those digital proceeds slated for donation to the National Military Families Association.

I Am Battle Comic follows a group of comedians on a mission to provide laughter for U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. Gripping insights about the highs and lows facing the men and women in the military are balanced with heartfelt interviews with top professional comedians (George Lopez, George Wallace, Dave Attell, and Wayne Federman) and interwoven with current events around the world that give context to their situation. The documentary’s unique approach to a timely topic has already earned it praise from Judd Apatow, who called it “an excellent heartfelt film that pays tribute to our troops...and the comedians who travel the world to make them laugh.” I Am Battle Comic is the final installment of the I Am Comic trilogy, and brainchild of Brady, himself a former stand-up comedian and now a full-time filmmaker, who has directed over 1000 national TV spots to date. Brady traveled to the frontlines for his latest project, which he not only directed but also shot, edited, produced, and funded.

The first two installments of the Comic trilogy were the 2010 feature documentary I Am Comic (exploring the stand-up psyche) and 2014’s I Am Road Comic (a first-hand exploration delving into what it’s like working on the road as a comedian).

Brady affirmed, “Making I Am Battle Comic was a life-changing experience. Physically being on the ground hammered home the reality of the situation and meeting troops from a variety of backgrounds--Brits, Canadians, Italians, Afghanis--made me realize what tremendous personal sacrifices these men and women make in order to do their jobs. The great thing about comedy is its universal power to unite, so if we, as comedians, could take their minds off what they were facing for one moment through laughter, then that’s just one small way that we could give back. We wanted to recognize the important work that National Military Family Association, Operation Gratitude and other charities are doing, supporting troops and their families throughout and, importantly, after their service. I hope that I Am Battle Comic sparks conversation and donations.”

For the full list of screenings and to buy tickets, click here.

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