Director LOOSE Joins Stink Rising For Global Representation
LOOSE (r, standing) and BERWYN on location for the “I’d Rather Die Than Be Deported” video.
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Stink Rising has added director LOOSE to its roster of talent. The company will handle LOOSE globally, marking her first commercial representation. 

LOOSE is a U.K.-based director and music strategist. Working with some dynamic new artists including BERWYN, Fred Again and Joy Crookes, LOOSE has turned out work that maintains a playful tone, pairing distinctive and colorful visuals with a taste of risk; always keeping viewers on their toes.

LOOSE said of her Stink colleagues, “The guys have been with me from the beginning and been more supportive, nurturing and ambitious than I’ve ever known over the past year. Now it’s official that we’re a team, we’re only going to keep leveling up.”

Growing up as the only one of her musically inclined friends who can’t hold a note, LOOSE loves music but had to find another way to get involved. She ended up behind the screen, working closely with artists at the beginning of their careers, including Crookes and Arlo Parks, to help them stand out. Self taught and having access to very little filmmaking equipment or technical understanding in the early days, LOOSE found it imperative that every idea she developed would be just as good as if it were shot on a mobile phone. This mantra lives on and, although her toolbox has now grown infinitely, every film always starts with a standout concept that cuts to the core of her subject.

LOOSE’s past as a radio producer gives her a unique perspective on filmmaking. Beyond her early days shooting content for 1Xtra, LOOSE is the brains behind some incredibly ambitious activations, including BBC Radio 1’s Escape Room and Hide & Seek with Nick Grimshaw and Greg James, 

April was a busy month for LOOSE with the release of two new music videos for Trinidad-born, Romford-raised rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, BERWYN. Produced by Stink Rising, “100,000,000” is the latest account of BERWYN’s vividly penned memories documenting the journey he took to get to where he is now. He describes it as “very much something I had to get off my chest as I didn’t get a chance to on DEMOTAPE/VEGA.”

Relative to “100,000,00,” LOOSE said, “I wanted to help Berwyn tell his story in a way that mixes both sides of his personality, allowing the viewer to understand how special this guy is. I wanted to juxtapose the terrible hardships BERWYN once found himself in, when he was homeless in a car, with his glass half full, extremely warm and playful vibes.”

The video seamlessly connects several clever setups in and around a car, utilizing motion control, fluid art direction and visual effects to form an abstract yet interconnected narrative.  The setting is of particular importance, given the story of the song. As BERWYN explained on Instagram: “Wrote this (track) in YMCA carpark sitting in the driver’s seat of the car I was sleeping in. For that she’s a special one of my children so I hope u like her.”  

Then launched on April 28 was BERWYN’s “I’d Rather Die Than Be Deported.” The track explores the theme of “solitude” that runs throughout his most recent set of recordings with BERWYN explaining, “without actually saying the words lonely or alone, I’m exploring the details of the situations I found myself in.” In the promo, a one shot performance captured across London’s Dartford bridge and crossing. BERWYN performs from a convertible car on the bridge; it’s technically a stunt shot as he spends the majority of the track leaning out of a moving car. Of the work, LOOSE said, “I’m obsessed with obnoxious rap videos. In this freestyle, I wanted to create the something that subverts the intimacy and vulnerability of BERWYN’s words with the fearlessness and ego that you would more likely expect from a rapper.”

Hannah Bellil, global head, Stink Rising & Music Videos, described LOOSE as “an exciting addition” to the company roster, citing her “fresh perspective, endless ideas and energy to continue making outstanding pieces of film that really get to the core of her subjects.”


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