Director Michael McCourt Joins JOJX For Spots, Music Videos
Michael McCourt
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Production house JOJX has added director Michael McCourt to its roster for exclusive commercial and music video representation in the U.S. His recent work spans such brands as Bose, Buick, Spectrum, Budweiser and Crayola.

Jackson Morton, co-founder of L.A.-based JOJX, said, “We were all immediately drawn to the immense amount of consideration and craft that goes into even the smallest detail of Michael’s films. It’s inspiring to represent a filmmaker who has the ability to take a simple idea and turn it into a deeper cinematic experience for viewers. This natural ability to elevate and bring something uniquely American to each film he directs is a reflection of what inspires us as a company.”

McCourt said he was drawn to JOJX’s ensemble of talent and its commitment to artists. His career in filmmaking began when he traveled to Southern California to began honing his skills while working in the fields of film, music video, commercials, and episodic television. He became actively involved in the editing process of filmmaking, expanding his hands-on approach and developing an eye for directing that approaches film from a comprehensive, “big-picture” perspective.

McCourt had earlier been represented by Washington Square Films.


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