Director Noah Conopask Joins Bullitt For Spots, Branded Content
Noah Conopask
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Director/photographer Noah Conopask has come aboard the roster of Bullitt for spot and branded content representation in the U.S.  Sweetshop, which had previously handled Conopask in the American ad market, continues to rep him in the U.K., Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

Conopask has helmed projects for a variety of brands, including Bose, Red Bull and Eastbay. His Commonwealth Games film for the BBC was honored with a gold award at the Ciclope Festival in Berlin. Photography has also been an ever-present part of Conopask’s life, and his innate talent for capturing a story in a single frame is revealed in his popular Instagram channel.

Bullitt president/EP Luke Ricci said of Conopask, “What I love about his storytelling is the epic scope he brings to the films he makes while never sacrificing the nuance of character and emotion.”

Conopask first discovered the impact of capturing human struggle on film as he documented his childhood buddies skating on a neighborhood half-pipe in Arnold, Maryland. He subsequently transferred that passion into shooting world-class athletes and celebrities across the globe. His early career melded burgeoning immersive and interactive experiences with design thinking; a natural connection point for Bullitt’s expanded reach into VR, AR and other exploratory projects in advertising and entertainment. For Conopask, wanderlust includes both global travel and alternate, crafted realities.

“Bullitt understands how the lane is broadening and have embraced different formats and perspectives from the start--all with a cinematic level of production,” commented Conopask. “With these factors and the collective body of work produced to date, I’m in exceptional company and excited to see what we can make together.”


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