Director Romain Laurent Comes Aboard Little Minx Roster For Ads, Videos
Romain Laurent
  • SANTA MONICA, Calif.
  • --

Director Romain Laurent has landed his first U.S. production house representation, joining Little Minx for commercials, videos and branded entertainment.

Little Minx founder Rhea Scott, who has a track record of finding and further developing filmmaking talent, said she was immediately drawn to Laurent’s work, citing such elements as “effects that always had a purpose or story to tell, a lightness, a wit, an element of fun.”

Scott noted that Laurent is a director, photographer, and an artist on varied levels who finds fantastical perspective and conveys it in his craft. Through fresh, energetic portraits, he isolates his pedigree with curious concepts that result in unique film.

Laurent’s credits span such brands as Volvo and Reebok, as well as a whimsical short film for the Hermes fashion collection, and inventive music videos including “Powers” for NYC singer/songwriter Trevor Dickson.

Born and raised in the French Alps, Laurent nurtured a love of extreme skiing, and studied product design at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts and Photography at Gobelins in Paris. He moved from Paris to New York more than six years ago, and to Los Angeles most recently, leaving behind the intensity of the city for the life-nature balance of the West Coast.

“Alongside vast expanses of wilderness,” said Laurent, “I appreciate the proximity to collaborate with creative souls. I feel able to quickly connect with possibilities in L.A. When I met Rhea, it felt like we knew each other before. I am drawn to her vision and her angle on my work. She aims to present my skills as a whole, rather than segmented into photography, cinemagraph and filmmaking.”

Laurent shared, “My work is heavily influenced by European animation, comics, design, all fields in which my friends work. I think I have humor and sensibility that is more American; the blend of two cultures works in me.”


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