Director Sinan Sevinç Joins Global Roster At Stink Rising
Sinan Sevinç
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Stink Rising has added director Sinan Sevinç to its global talent roster, marking his first professional signing. He is currently studying at the prestigious Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg for a diploma in Directing Advertising Film. Sevinç has already worked with brands such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, and has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including honors at Ciclope and 1.4, and the Young Directors Award at the DWP/German Advertising Film Awards. 

Sevinç pairs a background in journalism with his own personal experiences--growing up as part of a multicultural household within a small German town, Sevinç was exposed to the dualities of life from a young age. Experiencing a typical German upbringing from his mother, and the Kurdish side from his father, he learnt to view the world through more than one lens; an insight which is evident in his work and filmography. Sevinç was inspired to shift careers from journalism to directing, due to a desire to tell stories from his own perspective, and portray his own creativity through film. 

Despite moving away from journalism, Sevinç carries with him the need for precision, accuracy and authenticity in his directing. Intense periods of research form the basis of his films, which he strives to make as authentic and representative of the period or narrative that they are based in.

“Authenticity is key for me. As a trained journalist, I set great story by credibility. I work out every detail from set design, to cast, to costumes. I know that can be exhausting for all departments sometimes but in the end it’s the details that matter,“ said Sevinç.  

His film, Born Guilty, for The Innocence Project, which works to tackle wrongful judgment in the U.S. criminal justice system, tells the true story of a young Black man, Huwe Burton, from the Bronx, who was unjustly accused and imprisoned for 19 years for killing his own mother, and spent the duration fighting for his freedom and innocence. The film earned numerous awards, including at the Shark Awards for Best Direction, bronze at Ciclope, two golds at the YDAs and winning at 1.4. 

Sevinç said, “My ambition as a director is to tell authentic stories with a multicultural sensibility that trigger emotions. Stink is one of the biggest industry players globally, and I had great conversations with the whole team, so it felt like the right decision to join the Stink family.”

Hannah Belil, global head of Stink Rising and music videos, said, “We’re so excited to add Sinan to the Stink Rising roster, our global talent spotlight. Born Guilty, based on the true story of Huwe Burton, demonstrates his incredible ambition to tell important stories from marginalized groups and blends his journalistic roots with impressive craft to deliver really gripping storytelling. The other standout, Dirty Money, is equally as exciting, using a single visual motif, it’s so clever and has a sense of humor. Really looking forward to seeing what’s in store, we have high hopes!”

Blake Powell, Stink’s global head of film, added, “I think Born Guilty is an incredible piece of work. The craftwork is impeccable, especially for a director so early in their career. Sinan has an invigorating energy that is evident in his work.”


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