Directorial Duo CRIC Joins CoMPANY Films For Spots, Branded Content
Clemente De Muro (l) and Davide Mardegan, aka CRIC
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CoMPANY Films, the shop under the aegis of EPs Richard Goldstein and Ron Cicero, has brought the Italian directing duo of Clemente De Muro and Davide Mardegan, aka CRIC, into the fold for U.S. representation spanning commercials and branded content. 

Probably best known for high profile, heart-tugging spot work for Nespresso, Pepsi and Nivea, CRIC joins a CoMPANY Films’ roster of filmmaking talent that includes the Coen Brothers, Sam Raimi, David Edwards, Alex Ogus, Axel Laubscher, David McNally, Dewey Nicks, Fred Goss, Harald Zwart, Harry Patramanis, Josh Franer, Mary-Sue Masson, Paul Fox and Sam Hobkinson.

CRIC is currently on location in Morocco shooting a series of spots for an international insurance company. For their part, De Muro and Mardegan said they were looking for the highest level of production and sales support. In a joint statement, the duo related, “We got in touch with Ron (Cicero) and found out that he just joined CoMPANY. We know that with the attention from Richard (Goldstein) and Ron that the sky is the limit.”

De Muro often focuses on the actors and their performances while working with the agency on scripts and dialogue. Mardegan frequently oversees the camera and cinematography. Yet both De Muro and Mardegan noted that the way they work together as CRIC has been a constantly evolving process. Simpatico in terms of taste and vision, the directors play different roles while sharing every decision.

In a recent spot for Nivea, part of a campaign for Germany that was shot in Greece, CRIC worked with two talented boys, letting them explore nature, have fun and in turn that yielded inspiring performances.

In a joint statement, the duo shared, “We love to direct authentic, deep stories. U.S. agencies are an immense source of creativity. America itself is a country with larger than life landscapes and characters. Working stateside is always special, because in many ways it’s the birthplace of modern advertising.”

CRIC made a major initial career splash with a Poste Italiane spot, “Because I Like You,” which won a Bronze Lion at Cannes in 2011.

Cicero said of CRIC, “I come from a filmmaking background and when I saw their work it immediately touched me because of its authenticity. That is so, so difficult to do in a short format. Yes, it’s also gorgeous, so that helps. But a branded piece that can really engage you emotionally? That’s unusual. It’s clear Clem and Davide have something special. We lead off their reel with a piece titled, ‘Kindred.’ And we are beyond excited for people to see the work and know that they will be just as moved by it as we are.”


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