Directorial Duo Tomboy Signs With Greenpoint Pictures
Nikki Grattan (l) and Jesse Heath, aka the directorial duo tomboy
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Bicoastal Greenpoint Pictures has added L.A.-based directorial duo tomboy--consisting of Jesse Heath and Nikki Grattan--to its roster for U.S. representation spanning commercials and branded content. This marks tomboy’s first signing with a production company. Heath had been handled by Greenpoint as a solo director since 2018 while Grattan had not been previously represented. The pair’s greatest strength lies in their two distinct yet complementary points of view, bringing a fresh dynamic to their commercial and film work. 

Initially, the duo began working together on small personal projects with Heath in the director’s chair and Grattan in styling, both inspired by the power and possibilities of storytelling. With each collaboration, their creative partnership evolved with Heath and Grattan finding their rhythm as co-directors. They discovered that their intersection of expertise expanded their ability to tell meaningful stories. Heath’s technical and practical experience in cinematography, editing, and photography imbued their work with style and structure. Grattan’s background in writing and wardrobe lent an understanding of story and imagery, imparting greater complexity and dimension to their projects. As Heath’s collaborations with Grattan developed to become a more formal artistic partnership, they approached Greenpoint to consider signing them as a team.  
Grattan was brought up by unconventional parents and spent much of her childhood moving, spending her formative years in India, Australia, New York, and Hawaii, with many other places in between. Grattan received an M.A. in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, and has written for The Bold Italic, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, and San Francisco Magazine. As a wardrobe stylist, her clients have included Adidas, Nike, Reebok, H&M, Banana Republic, IBM, Google, FedEx, PGA Tour, and Universal Music Group.

Heath was born and raised in Brighton, England, and moved to San Francisco as a teen. He grew up painting graffiti, which became the catalyst for his love of filmmaking. As an autodidact, he draws upon his life experience traveling the world to inform and energize his craft. Heath’s work often takes youth and subculture as its subject as seen in efforts for brands such as Milk and Reebok, music videos for artists like Tommy Genesis and Hucci, and short films like Everyday I Walk the Same Way Home for Dazed Digital. 

“Jesse’s gritty yet always beautifully raw artistry pairs with Nikki’s sophisticated and spirited aesthetic sensibilities to make a stellar combination,” said Tatiana Rudzinski, executive producer at Greenpoint. “We’ve loved having Jesse on our roster as a solo director, and now that he has formed this creative partnership with Nikki we are thrilled to have tomboy.” 
“Greenpoint has been a good home for me and the production team have been some of my greatest advocates,” said Heath. “Partnering with Nikki feels like a really pivotal next step for me and I want to use it as an opportunity to move into making more refined, intellectually-driven work with a greater focus on our shared curiosities.” 

Grattan added, “I’ve always been inspired by Jesse and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together, but formalizing our collaboration signals a new creative chapter driven by a more articulated vision. We can’t wait to hit the ground running.”


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