EP Tanya Cohen Launches Slash Dynamic
Tanya Cohen
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Executive producer Tanya Cohen has launched production house Slash Dynamic. The new venture has already completed several jobs, including “The Boomsday Project” for Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone which entailed Slash Dynamic’s Syyn Labs, the experimental collective led by Adam Sadowsky, designing and constructing a Rube Goldberg-esque contraption. The elaborate machine’s chain reaction was captured in one continuous take, showcasing the expansion of the Hearthstone game, with the film thus far generating more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

Slash Dynamic has also already wrapped two campaigns for cannabidiol company Staley Bros./Charlottes Web, directed by Laurence Dunmore for agency Abel NYC; and a Bridgestone piece helmed by the mono-monikered Kiran for Publicis Hawkeye in Dallas. Furthermore at press time, director Travis Hanour was set to begin shooting a John Hancock|Vitality project for Heat, NYC.

For Cohen, the opportunity to form Slash Dynamic emerged when Ross Grogan, founder and owner of The Cavalry Productions, decided to close that company. Formerly an EP with Cavalry, Cohen brought many of the prime elements from that shop--including its directorial talent--over to Slash Dynamic. 

Grogan wished Cohen well at Slash Dynamic and provided some insight into his decision to shutter The Cavalry. “Life significantly changed for me earlier this year with the birth of my first daughter,” shared Grogan. “Knowing that she would be born with a condition requiring multiple surgeries, I had to decide for myself it would be a good time to focus more of my energy on family. Tanya wanted to continue with elements we built together at The Cavalry and it’s great to see the talent move forward. I am proud of what was created under that banner, but it was the right time for me to take a different path.”

That path starts a new chapter for Grogan who related, “This move away from running the day-to-day production company operations has allowed me to step into a role consulting as an emerging technology EP that I find really exciting. I get to bring my experience on to develop creative storytelling projects that utilize next gen mediums such as XR, Holograms and Projection Mapping, et cetera. I am truly excited about the future and all its possibilities.”

Cohen too is enthused over the prospects at Slash Dynamic, fueled in large part by its group of artists and storytellers. The diverse roster is comprised of award-winning directors, content creators and technologists whom Cohen worked with at Cavalry, including Syyn Labs, directors Dunmore, Hanour, Kiran, Deluxe, Celine Tricart, Gregor Nicholas, and Rojomotorz. Directors Kiran and Tricart earned inclusion into SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase in 2017 and 2018, respectively--Kiran for his humorous Organic Doggie Treats “Unsullied” commercial and Tricart for her groundbreaking VR project The Sun Ladies, which was showcased at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and the Cannes Film Fest. Additionally, Hanour was featured in SHOOT’s Spring 2016 Up and Coming Directors coverage.

Also, sister company Adjacent, which focuses on emerging media and next gen technology, represents Slash Dynamic’s technologists and new media/platform talent. That team is led by Jeff Taylor from Tech Crunch, and CD/director Daniel Burwen, formerly of Jaunt. Cohen’s ensemble of technologists, creatives and strategists are blending cutting edge technology with creative ideas offering a holistic approach to emerging media, by studying trends across technology, arts, culture, and audience behavior. 

Cohen’s background in advertising, entertainment and tech gives her an expansive perspective across the media landscape, which is vital in the ever-evolving hybrid world of production intersecting with art and technology. Cohen’s career highlights include teaming with Ed Ulbrich (who’s now president and general manager of Deluxe Visual Effects) to launch Digital Domain’s live-action arm Mothership, working in business development at Crossroads Films, and serving as an agent at The William Morris Agency (now William Morris Endeavor or WME).

Slash Dynamic will be based out of design/VFX studio Wolf & Crow, which will also allow them to partner and offer postproduction solutions for projects and clients. Chris Grest will serve as head of production. Slash Dynamic will be handled by indie reps Brent Novick on the West Coast, Miller + Miller in the Midwest, and Sharon Lew on the East Coast.


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