FANCY Content Adds Tabletop Director Rob Fiocca
Rob Fiocca
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Director Rob Fiocca, whose food/tabletop work spans such clients as Kellogg’s, Smuckers and Cracker Barrel, has joined the roster of Los Angeles-based FANCY Content for representation in the U.S. A photographer turned director with a flair for still life and lifestyle subjects, the Toronto-based Fiocca was most recently with Joinery in L.A. and continues to be handled in Canada by Skin & Bones (formerly Sons & Daughters). 

Fiocca and FANCY founder/executive producer Robert Wherry initially connected through mutual contacts in the U.S. and the two clicked immediately. Fiocca cited Wherry’s savvy and “great perspective on the American market” as among the factors drawing him to FANCY. Wherry, who’s worked closely with leading tabletop directors, said of Fiocca’s work, “I found it to be fresh and exciting. Rob is one of the most original filmmakers in this arena, which has become more competitive than in the past. His film stands out, and his clients love him.”

Fiocca’s approach to shooting food is more akin to shooting people than product: “My goal has always been to make food look sexy, sensual, beautiful and moody,” he said. “I want people to think about the craftsmanship and detail that goes into making something, about the art that goes into its preparation and ingredients, and I think that shows in how we shoot it. It’s shown in the lighting and camera moves I use, and the food stylists I work with. I get a lot out of them, and I treat them with respect, as true collaborators.”

While Fiocca has shot all over the world--and often travels for food assignments--he often works out of his own studio set-up in Toronto, where he shoots both still and motion, backed by a full-time support staff. Fiocca is also unusual in the category for his handling of the entire job, often shooting both the live action as well as the tabletop segments of his spots. 

Fiocca said his motion work is strongly influenced by his years as a still photographer, “mostly in composition and lighting. My photography work is what got me into directing, and while I’d love to shoot motion all the time, what characterizes both crafts is that you’re constantly throwing yourself into problems and coming up with solutions along the way. It keeps you from getting stagnant.”

Wherry assessed, ”Rob’s a storyteller, and he addresses each project organically and in a real way. He doesn’t make it fit into the mold of what you might expect from a tabletop filmmaker. Rather, he deconstructs the script or storyboard, finds the kernel of truth in it and builds from there, so each piece has its own voice and feels unique. That’s why everything he shoots comes out with a very special and distinctive tonality.”

At FANCY, Fiocca joins a directorial roster that includes Jason Zada, Radish, Ed McCulloch, Paul Laufer, Sophy Holland, and Chris Shimojina.


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