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  • Thursday, Jun. 15, 2017
Filmmaker John Waters Signs With Saville For Spots, Branded Entertainment
John Waters
  • VENICE, Calif.
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Saville Productions has signed feature director John Waters for commercial and branded entertainment representation. The writer/director/actor helmed such cult films as Independent Spirit Awards winner Hairspray, Pecker and his debut feature Pink Flamingos, the first of a series of low-budget shock films made with his Dreamland repertory company including the actor known as Divine. 

Waters joins Saville Productions’ roster of filmmakers, including: Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), Paul Haggis (Crash), Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man) and Fernando Meirelles (City Of God).
Rupert Maconick, executive producer of Saville Productions, said “John Waters is a unique filmmaker and would be a great partner for brands who want a campaign that  truly stand outs.” 
Added Waters, “I love the idea of directing commercials because it is the opposite of ‘auteur’ work. My name’s not even on the finished product but if I do a good job, the viewer will still suspect I had something to do with it.”

Saville produced the Herzog feature-length documentary Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World for NetScout. The film premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and was acquired for worldwide distribution by Magnolia Pictures. Saville co-produced Eddie The Eagle, starring Hugh Jackman distributed by Fox and Lionsgate. Saville’s cinematic short film Out There directed by Oscar- winning filmmaker Paul Haggis won a Cannes Gold Lion.

Saville is currently developing a slate of scripted series, documentaries and feature films in collaboration with major brands.