Furlined Adds MANSON To Its U.S. Directorial Roster 
Artwork depicting the three-headed directing team MANSON
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Furlined has signed three-headed directing team MANSON to its U.S. roster. MANSON’s three heads belong to Gerardo del Hierro, Pau López, and Tomás Peña, all currently living in Barcelona.

Furlined president Diane McArter described their work as, “uniquely raucous, audacious, elastic, playful, sophisticated, and surreal. With roots in design and animation, what’s so exhilarating is how freely MANSON move across filmmaking genres, deploying mixed- and cross-media juxtapositions to build eye-tickling visual stories.”

To be clear, MANSON is not a collective. Peña explained, “The word collective has a sort of hippie connotation and while we love that aesthetic (and the psychedelics), ‘firm’ more accurately describes the way we work. Our work is controlled improvisation. We plan everything meticulously, so we have room to discover things on set.”

Collaborating for nearly two decades, with a background in graphic design and animation, the members of MANSON have drawn on a mix of formal training and DIY to collaborate with clients across the globe on commercials and music videos. Their international brand collaborations include Adidas, Nike, Pirelli, and Instagram, and artists such as Katy Perry, The Prodigy, and Rosalía.

In January 2020, MANSON formed Bliss to expand their visual bag of tricks for any given project, leveraging their animation, VFX, photography, and design chops. López, del Hierro and Peña described Bliss as “another sandbox to play in, for us to evolve...to push our own boundaries. We don’t want to be safe.”

MANSON’s Amazon Prime series Romancero, which premieres worldwide on November 3, mashes up Spanish verité, American thrillers and Japanese anime into an entirely new form. It was created in collaboration with screenwriter Fernando Navarro.

In a joint statement, MANSON shared, “We chose Furlined for its savoir-faire and its charming people. At Furlined, visual poetry collides with the wild advertising game, executed at its best, with the global vision and passion for details to fulfill our biggest ambitions. And it feels like home already.”

Internationally MANSON is represented by Blur in Spain, Diplomat in France, Rekorder in Germany, Immigrant in Denmark and Brazil, and Kidzfrmnowhere in Japan.


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