Gail Berman, Lucy Fisher Re-elected As Producers Guild Presidents
Lucy Fisher, president of the Producers Guild of America, moderates a diversity and inclusion panel during the second day of the Produced By Conference 2019 on Sunday, June 9, 2019 in Burbank, Calif. (Photo courtesy of Producers Guild of America)
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Gail Berman and Lucy Fisher have been re-elected as presidents of the Producers Guild of America (PGA). This continues their historic run as the only two women to serve as Guild presidents.

The remaining PGA election results are as follows:

Vice President, Motion Pictures

  • Jon Kilik and Lauren Shuler Donner

Vice President, Television

  • Mike Farah and Gene Stein


  • Megan Mascena Gaspar

Producers Council Board of Delegates

  • Beth Fraikorn
  • Jon Glickman
  • Gary Goetzman
  • Courtney Kemp
  • Lauren Levy Neustadter
  • Dan Lin
  • John Melfi
  • Mimi Valdés
  • Pam Veasey

AP Council Board of Delegates

  • Bianca Ahmadi
  • James P. Axiotis
  • J Baker
  • Joel Dobzewitz
  • Lynn Hylden
  • Megan Jordan
  • Paulette Lifton
  • Jillian Stein

New Media Council Board of Delegates

  • Gary Bryman
  • Marc Hustvedt
  • Iris Ichishita
  • Rhoades Rader
  • Lynn Kestin Sessler
  • Tanya Leal Soto
  • Christina Lee Storm
  • Brittany Machado
  • Ben Proudfoot
  • Tiffany Webber
  • Jay Williams

PGA East Chair 

  • Donna Gigliotti

PGA East Co-Vice Chairs

  • David Hinojosa
  • Mimi Valdés

PGA East Financial Officer 

  • Anne Carey

PGA East Members-at-Large

  • Julie Anderson
  • Candi Carter
  • Anthony Katagas
  • Tonya Lewis Lee
  • Chris Licht
  • Justin Wilkes

PGA Atlanta Chapter Chair

  • Jeremiah Bennett

PGA Capital Chair

  • Katy Garrity

PGA Capital Co-Vice Chairs 

  • Christopher Coccaro
  • Mark Finkelpearl

PGA Capital Members-at-Large

  • Evan Marshall
  • Tia Smith


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