Gary Vaynerchuk Launches Eva Nosidam Productions
Maya Brewster-Dorian
Maya Brewster-Dorian named chief production officer
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Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of media and communications holding company VaynerX, has launched Eva Nosidam Productions. The moniker, which spells Madison Ave. backwards, signifies the intent of the new studio--to be the antithesis of Madison Ave. by creating ads that don’t feel like ads but rather content that moves and engages people. Maya Brewster-Dorian will lead the company as chief production officer, reporting to Vaynerchuk.

Eva Nosidam Productions takes the place of VaynerProductions in the VaynerX family of companies, embracing a different approach to production. Eva Nosidam will create mini documentaries and branded series for social media, music videos, podcasts, augmented and virtual reality, events, guerrilla marketing, installations, and more. The company is based in Long Island City, New York, with fully equipped stages, equipment, and postproduction capabilities. Eva Nosidam’s studios are designed to allow for innovation and experimentation; shoot fully fleshed out projects for brands; and host events, music drops, and video launches. Eva Nosidam Productions is a separate entity from VaynerMedia, a creative and media agency also under the VaynerX umbrella. VaynerMedia, though, can utilize Eva Nosidam Productions for projects just as it would any other production company.

“As a modern storytelling and production company, Eva Nosidam Productions will create content that people actually want to watch,” said Vaynerchuk. “The name is the punchline--we really do intend to turn the industry on its head by rejecting yesterday’s Madison Avenue approach to advertising and unlocking what’s going on in culture for our clients.”

Brewster-Dorian added, “What unites everything we do at Eva Nosidam Productions is the desire to create the most consumer-centric and culturally relevant content that truly resonates with people.” 

As chief production officer, Brewster-Dorian will oversee Eva Nosidam Productions. Throughout her career, Brewster-Dorian has spearheaded best-in-class communications, events, and experiences for global brands. She founded Network Réseau, a facilitator company that connects brands in new ways to produce content, in part by making premier talent and production capabilities attainable. Her experience spans working for advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson to production companies such as Anonymous Content, Partizan Entertainment and RadicalMedia.

“Throughout her career, Maya has been an incredible partner to brands,’’ said Vaynerchuk. “She has an incredibly diverse production background with a broad range of disciplines and sees the production world in a very different way. I am excited to work with her to build Eva Nosidam Productions and deliver impactful content for brands.”


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