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  • Friday, Dec. 22, 2017
Gatorade Short, Energized By "Inspiring Lullaby," Tops Quarterly Chart
Guy Amitai
Pivot Audio scores #1 entry in Top Ten Tracks Chart for piece starring Serena Williams

While an “inspiring lullaby” may sound like an oxymoron, that was the music called for in this emotionally moving Gatorade short film titled “Sisters in Sweat” directed by Jaci Judelson from Tool of North America for TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles. The score topped our 4th quarter of 2017 Top Ten Tracks Chart.

Starring Serena Williams holding her recently born baby girl (actually a double for her baby), this short shows the tennis superstar imparting an important message to her child: “Baby girl, I won’t mind if you play tennis badly. I won’t mind if you never choose to pick up a racket. But I beg you. In this game of life, please keep playing no matter what.”

This mother’s wish for her baby carries a special intimacy that at the same time has to universally inspire. Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” meets the inspirational prerequisite. Yet to make it sweetly personal necessitated a lullaby-style version crafted by an ensemble at Los Angeles-based Pivot Audio.

Music producer Guy Amitai of Pivot Audio explained, “The biggest challenge was striking the right balance with the vocals. We worked with a singer who was not professionally trained, to capture a genuine and moving performance that wasn’t technically perfect—making the spot that much more relatable for all moms.”

A stripped down track was arranged by Roma Otto and recorded by Dana Winter at Pivot Audio. Sound designer was Lawrence Horne. Neil Devlin and Jonas Holst exec produced for Pivot. Audio post mixer was Dave Wagg of Lime, Santa Monica, Calif.

“This project held a special importance for me as a father of a young girl with another one on the way,” shared Amitai. “The message was so touching and really struck a chord. With our exceptional female composer and musician duo of Roma and Dana leading the way, a stellar song as our basis, and great clients to collaborate with, this was a memorable project and we’re honored to have contributed.”

“Keep Playing”
This moving short carries not just a personal message but a piece of advice that is also essential in the big picture. The fact is that sports can have a positive influence on women on and off the court. This campaign brings female athletes—both amateur and professional—together who represent the value of sport and what it’s brought into their lives.

The film points out the importance of sports in a person’s development, teaching teamwork, self-sacrifice, instilling a strong work ethic. The campaign also highlights other successful women, such as CEO and designer Tory Burch, actress Allison Williams, YouTube executive Susan Wojcicki and Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth, all who have participated in various sports teams in their youth.

The rest of Williams’ wish for her baby reads, “Just like it taught me, sports will teach you to be strong. You’ll discover the power and grace in your body. You’ll learn to move and you’ll learn the way to move others. Sports will teach you the strength of your allies whether your bond is by blood or by ball. Whether she shares the color of your skin or your jersey, you’ll find your sisters in sweat. Sometimes you score goals, sometimes you won’t. But the goals you set, you’ll reach together. You’ll find the courage to stand tall, work harder and speak louder all on the playing field you choose in life. So keep playing little girl. Keep playing.”

The TBWA\Chiat\Day creative team included creative directors Mark Peters and Kirsten Rutherford, art director Stephanie Johnson, copywriter Paula Henzel and producer Ian Mitchell.

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Client: Gatorade
Agency: TBWA, USA
Agency Producer: Ian Mitchell
Creative Directors: Mark Peters, Kirsten Rutherford
Production: Tool of North America
Director: Jaci Judelson
Director of Photography: Danny Hiele
Edit: Matt Lee
Editor: Chris Murphy
Music Production and Sound Design: Pivot Audio
Executive Producers: Neil Devlin, Jonas Holst
Music Producer: Guy Amitai
Vocals: Dana Winter
Arrangement: Roma Otto
Sound Designer: Lawrence Horne