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Getting Ready For The Big Game: Tips For Producing A Super Bowl Ad
John Noble

Producing a Super Bowl spot is one of advertising’s more high pressure experiences; throw the holidays into the mix and you have a recipe for major stress. So it’s the right time for this list of five ways to keep your production on track through the final weeks before the big game. The advice comes courtesy of experienced producers John Noble and Brad Powell of Fixer Partners, a scalable, on-demand agency production department that produced 2017’s memorable Super Bowl spot, 84 Lumber’s “Journey,” for Brunner, Pittsburgh. Directed by Cole Webley of Sanctuary. “Journey” was the #2 pick of SHOOT editors in our countdown of the best work of 2017. Here’s Fixer’s Big Game list of things to do right now:

1) Lock in your finishing/delivery specs early.  The Super Bowl delivery specs are unique. Be sure your finishing house thoroughly understands the specs list provided by the network.

2) Be prepared to throw your schedule out the window.  The best ideas sometimes come late in the process, often after that first rough cut isn’t quite the spot the team envisioned.  Be prepared for anything from finding a celeb VO, negotiating for a Led Zeppelin song, or even a reshoot. It’s happened to us, it’ll happen to you too.

3) Push the mix to the limit. During the season most folks are at home alone in their Barcalounger. NOT THIS GAME.  The visceral sights and sounds of the big game are recorded with over 116 different field microphones on 6 channels of DTS Neural 5.1 Surround Technology. Don’t let your spot be the party buzzkill. It is paramount that every nuanced sound effect and each musical note cut through the party/bar atmosphere.  

4) Stay on top of network clearances.  The network and the NFL each have their own unique approval standards and can change their minds at any time, often at the last moment. Share your scripts and cuts early, so you have time to react to their feedback

5) Prepare your post vendors for insane requests.  Prep your VFX and clean up team as early as possible and budget for lots and lots of last minute changes. They will happen, especially with the massive amount of scrutiny from upper management (Agency CCO, client CMO, CEO, etc.).

Okay, we also have a 6. Don’t forget to enjoy this. Yes, it’s a crazy stressful experience, but remember to relish the fact that you’re lucky enough to be playing on the biggest stage in our business.

Fixer Partners is a scalable on-demand agency production department that can plug in to both agencies and brands.


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