Hey Wonderful Signs Director Matteo Mosterts
Matteo Mosterts
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Hey Wonderful has signed filmmaker Matteo Mosterts, marking his first commercial representation in the U.S. market. A storyteller whose work combines comedy, film craft and performances with a lot of heart, Mosterts has directed campaigns for Amazon and Cisco, as well standout short films such as Afternoon Delight, an entertaining twist on an afternoon dalliance, Faith, a drama which suggests faith works in unexpected ways, and Wally’s Will, a dark comedy about an eccentric millionairess starring Linda Gray. 

Mosterts now reunites with Michael Di Girolamo, founder and managing partner of Hey Wonderful. “Michael and I met in the beginning of my advertising career and he’s been a mentor on my directing path,” Mosterts said. “From my first short all the way up to me joining Hey Wonderful, he’s been a fan, as I’ve been of him and the company. I also worked with his partner Sarah McMurray previously and was thrilled they teamed up. Our objectives are to find projects that have potential, that can benefit from my sensibility as well as Hey Wonderful’s firepower. There’s a lot of ambition to make amazing work, and I’m excited to see what this year will bring.”

Di Girolamo said, “Matteo and I have had a long history in the business and I’m thrilled that we finally get to work together at Hey Wonderful. When he shared his first short film, Wally’s Will with Linda Gray, I knew he had what it takes to go the distance. To me, his short films offer glimpses of early works from Italian film greats like Sorrentino and Guadagnino, and I love seeing that visual storytelling, exceptional performance and humor in his commercial campaigns for Amazon. I’m excited to help him continue to grow his career as a director to watch in advertising.”

Mosterts’ work for Amazon is relatable and effortlessly funny, with the brand’s various products fitting seamlessly into the narrative. Among his other recent work is a campaign for Cisco he both produced and directed, featuring a series of meticulously art directed spots that are among the most unique for the brand. 

“I think a sophisticated visual sensibility and comedy aren’t mutually exclusive,” Mosterts said. “In fact, I love exploring technical executions that enhance narrative and humor. There’s nothing better than speculating on chiaroscuro and convoluted transitions to tell jokes.”

Born in Milan and based in Los Angeles, Mosterts has over a decade’s experience as a producer at both agencies and creative studios. “That experience has been invaluable,” he said. “It is so helpful in understanding the pressure clients, creatives and producers are under when making advertising campaigns and helpful in navigating all the roles of advertising production.”

Mosterts also earned a slot in the 2018 SHOOT New Directors Showcase based on his cinematic comedy short, Literally, which also was selected for SHOOT’s The Best Work You May Never See gallery.

Before taking a deep dive into advertising production, Mosterts was diving on the court as a professional volleyball player, winning a divisional title in the Italian Volleyball League and training with the Italian National and Olympic teams. 


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